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Don't Look Back! Spring Forward!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ladies and Gentleman, it is time to get honest about what goes on in the mind!

There are so many of us struggling on this journey. We are barely holding on. Some have all but given up. Why is that? I think many of us (and I am including me in this us) have been listening to the wrong "radio" station. At some point something went wrong on the journey and we got the station changed to the "all negative, all the time" station.

What is your mind telling you? Let me guess...
- You don't have what it takes
- You won't go the distance
- You always quit
- You will never lose this weight
- You lose a few pounds and then gain it all back so why bother?
- You can't break through this plateau
- Oh you lost some but you won't reach your goal

Maybe you have friends or family adding more of this type of garbage to the pile.
- Oh have another piece, it won't hurt anything
- Just skip your workout today, you can go tomorrow
- Just because YOU are on a "diet" doesn't mean I can't buy the treats I like and have them in the house!

We are bombarded by the things that people say as well as the negative things playing over and over in our minds. Turn off that negative "radio" right NOW!!

Maybe you had some weight loss success in the past but have found yourself right back at the starting line. Quit mourning over the past. You can't change it. emoticon Quit talking about it! Quit reliving it! Quit inviting yourself to the pity party! The party is over! You have to let go of the disappointments and move forward. Step through the door to your past and slam the door shut! You can't change the past, but you can sure change the future! Joel Osteen says "if you will have the right attitude, you will give birth to more in the future than you lost in the past."

Hey, don't you dare look back! This is a fresh new day! emoticon

So right now, get up (yes, right now right now) and go the your mirror. emoticon Look yourself in the eyes and say "Today is a new day! I have what it takes to make good food choices. emoticon I CAN move this body for at least 10 minutes today. emoticon I can drink at least 8 oz. of water today. emoticon I am worth it! I have what it takes to reach my goal of ________ (set your first small goal)! My first goal is 10 pounds.

Okay is everybody back? Did you do it? Don't skip it! Don't cheat on yourself! Do it everyday if you have to in order to get yourself going. Stir yourself up!

Now the next part... you need to take a pic for starting fresh today. emoticon I know, we all hate to do this step but it is important. We need to see where we are even if we are in the middle of the journey but especially if you are starting at the beginning again like myself. Here is mine...

Not a pretty sight but it is what it is. This is where I am starting but not where I am staying! emoticon Today's weight is 358.6

Ok so with that all taken care of, we have to get the dream back! Get fired up! Don't just run on auto pilot. Get a new vision! Make a new vision poster! Spice things up! Push yourself! Try a new exercise! Try some new recipes! Put on some music and bust a move! emoticon

At the end of the day, post a blog about what you did. Don't focus on what didn't go right. Focus on what you did that was positive! Even if you could only do 5 minutes of exercise, celebrate that! Okay not with food but be positive about it! Keep at it. Keep building on that. Track it and watch it progress!

We tend to focus on what we didn't do but give a back seat to the positives that we did accomplish. Look at those positives as seeds that you are planting. emoticon As you keep working at them, you are watering them, emoticon and fertilizing them and pulling the weeds. Then as you build on those positive changes, you will see those seeds begin to grow! emoticon

Spring is upon us Ladies and Gentlemen so now is the time to get working on the "garden" of positive changes! We can do it!

Much Love!

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