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Monday, March 17, 2014

I had a busy weekend, but it was fun!

That's not what I regret.

I regret lifting weights for the first time in almost 9 months (???!!!!! aaah) the same day I went to an "immersion theater experience" that involved running up and down stairs in a 5 floor "hotel" for like 2 & a half hours. AHHHHH MY LEGS.

(if you're curious about the theater thing, it's this:

My new gym ("fitness center") is a bit weird... I was super excited they have barbells and plates because my old gym did not have that, until I noticed they have no power rack or squat rack or rack of any kind. Which means, I guess, you can do deadlifts and cleans. But no squats. Sigh. They do have a Smith machine, though all my fancy weightlifting books are like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
OOO!" on the subject of the Smith machine... At least I can finally do proper deadlifts.

Except, don't do them before you go out to run up and down stairs for 3 hours because OWWWWWW.

Also did some SWIMMING!!!!!! yesterday. I love swimming. I had a breakthrough with that, also - decided to try wearing my heart rate monitor again, since it's water resistant. I noticed at my old gym that the watch loses the signal from the chest strap way too easily in the water; I wondered if it might work better at the new gym (different water - the pool at the old gym was always cloudy and they clearly used a LOT of chemicals). Still no good, so I took the watch off and shoved it down the front of my suit for the duration of my workout.

Finally got a more accurate time and calorie count for my workout! That's the good news. The bad news is, using the Spark tracker entry for swimming gives me almost FOUR TIMES the calories I am actually burning. Yeesh. I have always entered my own calories because it just doesn't seem possible that I'm burning like 1200 calories an hour or whatever ridiculous thing is in the Spark database. But even my conservative estimate was still too high! At least now I know and can track more accurately...

I need to get on a good schedule of morning workouts. Hopefully my work week allows for that pretty well this week.

Also need to keep working on food! I bought a lot of good veggies this weekend so I should have some good healthy dinners. Unfortunately my weekend eating was all over the place. Way too much popcorn and candy at the movies Saturday (I should know better! Buy and pre portion a tiny amount of candy if you want some, don't buy the big bag at the theater!) and too much dessert at a friend's house before and after the crazy theater thing last night.

At least I tracked it all. And my meals themselves were all really healthy, I just ate a lot of stuff "outside" of meals that was too much.

I'm getting better! Little by little! I certainly don't expect to be "perfect" one week after getting back on the tracking wagon, just trying to keep an eye on what I need to work on.

That was my Big Fun Weekend. Now I just have drudgery until Sunday. Sigh.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for the link the play sounds very interesting.
    2208 days ago

    My life motto? lol)

    Anyway, that theatrical experience sounds totally weird! I Bet it was neat.

    I'm enjoying reading about your gym adventures, even though those guys were total asshats about membership.

    I've noticed there are two kinds of people in this world: Those that eat at the movies, and those that do not. I'm one of the people that doesn't take anything in with me. I'll make an exception if I am not feeling too well- I'll buy an overpriced bottle of water or something. But, for the most part, I don't get snacks at all at the movies! I've met some people here on spark that think it's totally bizzare and unheard of, though.

    I suppose it's because our family could barely afford to go to the movies once every two years or so anyway, that when we went we couldn't afford snacks, but hey! It's how I grew up! I've had candy and popcorn before, but I would usually end up eating it all before the movie started, unless it was one of those gigantic popcorn tubs.

    I've read that we should try to minimize eating while doing other activities, because it makes us less mindful of what and how much we eat. I suppose me not eating at the movies isn't that big of a deal after all! I will share popcorn on occasion when family visits, though, because somehow my mom has gotten really big on it :X
    2213 days ago
    WOW. I'm glad you had a fun weekend, even if it did result in what I tend to call dumbell aches (I did dumb stuff and ended up aching, rofl).
    My weekend was weird and my Monday attacked with a vengeance. But, it will all work out.

    It has to, because I will not look good bald when I pull my hair out if it doesn't!
    2214 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Sounds like you had a reasonably successful weekend with the exception of being your own pain in the ass.

    2214 days ago
    2214 days ago
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