Have you changed someone's world 2day????

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I remember awhile ago I was riding a bus and the driver shared with me how she was having such a hard time dealing with the way one of her coworkers had treated her. The driver said she felt so hurt and disrespected. I decided to share my little nuggets and asked her to do something outside of the norm' bless her socks off and do it anonomously. She said there is absolutely No Wayyyyyyyyyy! I said honey you don't understand the feeling you get when you go out of your way and do something wonderful for someone else, it frees you from a multitude of sin. The feeling you will have, the freedom from anger and the satisfaction you get stomping on HELL and all his angels to bless someone else ahhhhhhhhhhhh...
The lady driver said I dunno but I will think about it. I also told her dont expect A-N-Y appreciation from them in return if you should decide to do this.
Well I had forgotten all about it and months later she saw me on the street pulled the bus over, parked it and she started jumping all over me. I said what happened? She replied you don't remember what you said to me but I did it! I did it! I didn't want to simmer her joy but what was I suppose to remember here and who is this sweet little stranger jumping all over me? She then preceeded to tell me what I shared with her some time ago on the bus and how free she felt when she gave this woman who hated her one hundred dollars in a card and blessed her socks off! The woman said it broke something in her and freed her from anger towards the woman who caused her so much trouble. I'm not saying it works for everyone but there is something so freeing and fulfilling giving to your enemies ahhhhhhhh. It heap coals over them, some even come to repentance. Give them a GIFT they will never forget emoticon

Another story I will make it short:
There was a woman who lived upstairs from me who was so mean and slightly difficult, I would check on her periodically, call her and she would give me atti-tude OMG! I said that's it -thats it I am not going back anymore! Something in me said "go one more time". I'm like WHAT!!!! emoticon I cant believe it!!!!!!!! I swallowed my pride and went in for more torture. I was blowing my breath, my knees was shaking and gritted my teeth as I walked up the stairs but I did it and I adjusted my attitude before I got to her door emoticon (ok so its the wrong face I was smiling on the outside ok! lol). I knocked she answered, I said I was coming to check on you and have something for you she seemed surprised but spoke as if I wanted something in return (the nerve of some people!) long story short I will spare you the details something in her finally broke and she made me her friend Yayyyyyy emoticon

One more story lollll.
I'm not that great at story telling but you will get the point. I once dated a guy for three years and decided this is not the relationship for me. He was doing everything but what I desired in a relationship so I gave him the "gift of goodbye". See ladies you don't have to curse them out, throw things at them, call them names, just gift them!
Give them the gift of goodbye: I cooked all his favorite foods, put them on a platter decorated it nicely, bought some really cool gifts and bought a beautiful card thanking him for the life's experience I really appreciated him so much! (I meant it!) He taught me what not to accept from men, to grow a back bone, stop letting men walk all over me, and to re-evaluate myself. What I did was made arrangements to visit him (for 10 seconds) I took all the gifts, card and his favorite foods to his home (I cooked them). I said Hiiiiii I just wanted to bless you today! (mind you he had been so horrible lately to the point I had to break up with him). He was so shocked knowing he did not deserve anything and I had all these beautifully wrapped gifts and a pleasant smile as I handed them to him. He called me for days I would not answer. When I finally did, he said OMG I have never had someone to dump me the way you did! (lollll its so funny now it was hard to do but I am stronger because of the life lessons) That experience left a lifelong impression with him too. I never did take him back and he really learned to value, appreciate and respect me that's for sure. Some guys will learn others wont.
I was just lead to share...

Have you changed someone elses world today? Bless them, someone is hurting and needs you even if you don't have the time send them a card, mail them a gift, have no money? call them, text, email, type a letter do something. Make it a habit to bless someone weekly, if you are bold enough, DAILY! You never know, you may be the one who is in need of a blessing in the near future...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog. I'm traveling in OK then later to VA & FINALLY home to LA. I don't have WiFi where I'm staying. Its great to hear from you
    2188 days ago
  • GENRE009
    I tried for so long with a person whom never expressed herself unless she belittled someone. I finally had to release her to God, because no amount of gifts or patience helped her.
    2493 days ago
    Relisa you bring me to tears, that remind me of a time that I had a supervisor at work who hated me because I was top 5 on the job. She did ever manner of evil to me included stealing money from my location and tried to frame me. She had us do things for her, then frame me for stealing them oh my goodness. This lady even went into the system and changed my work schedule and tried to write me up for not showing up to work. I was relieved when My boss told me I am aware someone changed the schedule, because I had only scheduled the best employees to work with me and the supervisor was suspended. No one could deal with her she was sooooo evil that she tried to do a "slip and fall at work" to get sympathy and sue because I was scheduled to go before the top bosses in the office that Monday to share with them all the evil she had done to many employees. It was done on purpose and caught on camera, but still I don't know why she was never fired.
    Some people are sent into our lives just to add fire and help strengthen us to grow in the Most High.
    2527 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11358175
    You my lady are a fine example of humanity. It's official, you are my hero for today. Thanks for the encouragement. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2527 days ago
    Awesome reminder of what would Jesus do.
    I remember the time I was having trouble at with a coworker. This person could be nice one minute and then mean the next. I remember going out on break many times and cry in my car. Then one day after praying about this matter, the Holy Spirit ministered to my heart and reminded me that what I was dealing with was not flesh and bones , but a spirit. I also heard in my spirit " This is not a reflection of you, but her." When I received these words, I found so much peace and no longer went on break crying. From that day I was able to see her through the eyes of Jesus and her bad behavior no longer tripped me up emotionally.
    2527 days ago
    Awesome blog! I so agree with you. I had the same experience with a sister at church who had difficulties with her cousin also a member. They hadn't spoken in a while and she shared this with me as she was struggling with it and said she'd tried talking to her but she doesn't return the effort. I told her to get a card and write a note of apology whether she knew what the issue was or not. Be the bigger person and leave an opening that the relationship is valuable to her and she wants to work things out. She did it and gave the person the card. They are not fast friends but they do work better together in church and speak. We're meant to be blessings to other people but as a society we have been quite selfish in our thinking/giving. So happy to read your blog today.
    2530 days ago
    An eye for a eye went out with Jesus
    2532 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12377244
    As a young airman stationed far from home, I would be sure to visit my great aunt when I went home on leave. She was a scary lady, all alone. The visits were short and labored, but I felt good about them on the inside. When she died, years later after I was married, I was surprised to learn I was in her will. So was my sister. She blessed me with a beautiful diamond ring, the center stone alone being 1.33 carats. I'd never seen a diamond so big. My sister, who never took the time to visit her, received a little promise ring. It was evident to me how much my visits meant to her. I never knew! It touched my heart beyond what words can tell. You may never know the impact your actions have on another. This time, I found out.. It's a cherished memory I hope I always have. Thanks for bringing that memory to the forefront of my mind this cloudy, dismal day! May God bless you! emoticon
    2532 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    This is a beautiful thing to do for others. I try to speak to everyone I meet whether they speak back or not. Even when I don't know them. You never know how much your kind gesture can affect another's life!
    2532 days ago
  • PJ2222
    emoticon emoticon
    2532 days ago
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