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Thursday, 3/27/14

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another day that kept me away from the computer pretty much, but I will say it was quieter. Started out taking my SIL to see my doctor so I was able to do some Sparking and email from my phone during the wait. Made some phone calls too that were on my list. She needs to go in again tomorrow for another quick procedure and since my knee has been bothering me quite a bit I made an appointment with the doctor for the same time.

Had some time at home to do my chores (mostly sweeping) and get the first of the month bills paid and update the finances in the computer. We are going to be short $$ this time and once we get the house sold we will be able to get things paid off that are causing this so much. Definitely need to continue with $ cuts though and the new house will help as the monthly loan payment will be quite a bit lower.

One successful call today was when I called to see where my massage account stood and found out they had reactivated it this month (not good as we didn't have the spare $50 right now) so I went ahead and booked the hour and will leave the account active for one more month so I can get a 90 minute session before closing it. Sure wish I had the funds to continue this luxury as it is so helpful, but I know I can't.

Afterwards I went by the grocery store for a few items and then didn't have a whole lot of time at home before heading out to pick up my dad so he could go with us to my SIL's birthday dinner at Applebee's. That was fun, but they were so slow in serving tonight. Got home around 8 and then had a gal come to buy some of my canning jars that were on Craigslist.

Kids are now in bed and I'm getting some Sparking done before watching some TV before my turn to go to bed. I'm tired and praying tomorrow will be calmer still.

On the house front: We had the inspection today on the house we will buy and it went very well. The appraisal is being ordered tomorrow. Tim went to most of the inspection and found out they were already moving out! This definitely makes it easier for us after closing on our house as we can just start moving instead of having to wait. It also helps us know that they will be willing to wait a few more days if necessary because they've already vacated the house. I think I would be nervous about doing that before papers are signed so they must feel secure about this closing.
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