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Sunday, 3/30/14

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Great morning at worship and another sermon that hits you where you live. Today's thought was living "at around midnight" where things are uncertain and sometimes scary and at times very life-changing. That is how it feels for us right now...we've never been in this place before. We are waiting for the house to sell and for the closing on it so we can proceed with the closing on a new one. We are in the worst condition ever financially, but we still see God at work. Yes, we must listen with the heart instead of our own mind as it is given to those hasty decisions that come in the dark times.

This afternoon we went to a birthday party/lunch at a co-op families place and it was a good time. Now home and the kids are outside playing in the fort while SIL and hubby are taking naps. I probably should too since the house is so quiet, but had a few things I wanted to get done.

Tomorrow.... co-op (Only 5 more Monday's until September!) and then leaving by 2 to take a van load over to the assisted living place where my dad lives as the puppeteering class is performing over there at 3. Then we can be home. Will be a very long day.

5% Challenge - Team Daisy: Received word on my blog from yesterday that I will in fact be a Daisy once again. Hooray! keep up with the pre-flight tasks.

#8: Strategize (List your reasons/excuses on why your diets and exercise plans have not been well executed in the past.)

That's an easy one.... self-discipline. Have to take ownership for why exercise doesn't happen and for what things go into my mouth. Currently I am allowing the stress from buying/selling houses to take over at times. I have to go back to "no more stopping at McD's" even if it is for an iced tea because when I'm stressed/anxious I want french fries. The nice thing about where our new place will be located is that it is not on an easy path for fast food and actually the budget now requires no extras such as this.
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