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rambing and ps, i hate bees to pieces

Thursday, April 03, 2014

When I was first diagnosed with low vitamin d, around this time last year, (((I had broken my foot on Jan 8th and it took just over a month to get an appt with the ortho, so I was wearing the boot all that time)) I was being monitored by telephone by a nurse with my insurance company.
It was really more of a womens health study, and I was one of the guinea pigs I guess.
Anyway, I was discussing with her my low vitamin d and she recommended a supplement called strontium citrate, she told me its more of a bone builder, and works well with calcium. she was telling me how good I was going to feel once my vitamin d increased, she told me how much healthier my hair, skin and nails would be.
Well, I am still waiting. Still waiting, hey, I am still waiting!!
My nails are in the worst shape of my life, I had planned to treat myself to a pedicure and throw in a manicure, when I lose 10 lbs, well, still waiting on that too!!!
People used to ask me, where did I get my nails done, and I always said, no where, they are natural and they are, I have always had very nice, healthy nails.
When I broke my foot, I took a pic of my foot while wearing the bone growth stimulator and posted it on facebook and one of my friends asked where I had gotten my pedicure, lol, well I hadnt had one. My nails were always just white tipped and looked like I had.
But now, they are jagged and torn and one is longer then the other and my skin is dry and ashy, let me take a minute here to recommend a product....Palmers cocoa butter formula with vitamin e/alpha hydroxy and shea butter. for dry and ashy skin.
I happened upon a bottle at WM once and bought it and loved loved loved it and of course, WM never had it again.
Searched all the local drug stores and Kmart, etc and no one had it, well about a month ago I was at a local flea market and this man had lots of drug store products, and lo and behold, there was the lotion, that I had paid 6 dollars for, 15 oz bottles and here he had it for 2 dollars a bottle.
I bought 2, and yet, everyday I kick myself for not buying 4 or 6 or all that he had lol, but I figured they were probably already pushing maxium shelf life and so I stuck with 2, and I love this lotion.
If you have dry, very dry skin, such as I do, you will love it.
You can also find it online at and ebonyline. com, and this is a great lotion.
Anyway, I love it.
I am just tired of this fight I am in.
It is bad enough I cannot for the life of me lose a single pound, but my vitamin d issues and dry skin, nails looking like I have been rock climbing and my hair is in the worst shape of my life.
The cost to get my hair cut and colored has, like everything else, gone up and my cash flow, has gone down.
Oh well.
And this nurse was always calling me to see how I was doing, at least once a month, asking if I had seen the doc, she was very friendly, and always discussed ways to improve my health, but she was adamant that once my vitamin d level increased to a normal range, I would lose weight like mad.
She told me it has so much more effect on our bodies than we realize.
So mine went from 20 to 52, which was still way below the normal range, I needed it to reach the high 70s.
But then it dropped back down to 19, and so I was told that I might need some tests to find out why my body doesnt absorb it in my intestines. And I might need to take shots to get it straight into the blood, I am just really hoping all the supplements, the use of the tanning bed, the milk I drink like crazy and what little bit of sunshine I have been able to get are working.
So far, I dont think its very high, measuring from the lack of weight loss, and the hair/skin issues.
Time will tell, but there will be no sunshine to absorb today.
Rain, overcast and high winds, yet again.
Last night I was viciously attacked and stung by a big red wasp, in my bedroom, I was sitting on my bed, filing my nails in fact and from out of no where this big red wasp, swarps across the room and I didnt see where it went, so I go to stand up and whammmmm, right on my wrist, it was the worst pain I have felt in decades, the damn thing flew up to the ceiling light, so I smacked it with a fly swatter and sent it flying.
Couldnt find it, so I swore I wouldnt be going to bed last night, but later it was bouncing off the ceiling so I hit it again, and missed of course, and made it mad, then I opened the front door and I hope it flew out. Because I never seen it the rest of the night and I checked my bed real well, behind the blinds, and all around the room before laying down.
The bite or sting, was vicious, it was mad at me for some reason, but it swelled up all the way up my arm, and was a red line, like a burn, red and pain all night.
It is some better today, but now I am deathly afraid there is a nest somewhere and plan to search all the windows and eaves of the house and get rid of any and all bees, its bad enough the ladybugs have taken over, I cannot lay in the tanning bed for them, they crawl out and are attracted to the light, someone suggested I buy a black light zapper, it attracts them and apparently theres some kind of lure/attractant you can buy. I know there are people who say they are not harmful, but if you are laying in the tanning bed and they are crawling on you, and yes, they do bite, I have been bitten by them, they are all pains in the butt!!! I hate them now!!!
I am on a mission to get rid of them.
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  • GORDON66
    I have to agree. That red line does not sound good. You might want to call the vitamin D nurse and ask her about it.
    2401 days ago
    Yes, do keep a close eye on it—you might need antibiotics. Red streaks are never a good sign.
    2402 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5575543
    If your arm/wrist is still swollen you had better get it checked out. It doesn't sound good. emoticon

    As to the low vitamin D I don't know enough about it so I won't comment. emoticon
    2402 days ago
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