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Monday, April 07, 2014

I'm still crazy busy, so I'm sorry I'm not around as much to check in on all of you!! Thank you so much for your comments & support; I know I haven't returned the favor much lately.

Still working on my mindfulness of what works for me right now.

I DID go shopping on Sunday, and instead of getting all excited about all the fresh veggies I would love to prep and cook and feel all healthy about (which would end up rotting in my fridge!) I got practical:

1) turkey breast, roasted for sammiches (done!)
2) "grab and go" fruits and veggies - already washed & cut up carrots and celery, mini peppers (which I will wash for each day so they don't get moldy from being damp), and easy to grab, no-prep fruits - apples, oranges, bananas.
3) extra healthy but can be pre-prepped - pre washed & cut kale + one of my favorite dressings I already had made in the fridge.

So check me out!

That's 5 servings of kale salad + 3 days of carrots & celery. The turkey was in the oven; once done I let it cool then made my sandwiches.

This week will be busy but I feel super prepared. Each night I will make my sandwiches (lunch & dinner, as I'll be running right from work to the theater!) and wash any additional produce if needed.

This morning I packed 2 big bottles of water, an empty bottle & some cold brew iced tea bags, 2 sandwiches, kale salad, my salad bar salad I forgot to eat for dinner last night, an apple, two mini oranges, a banana, a container each of carrots & celery, and a container of mini peppers. Lunch, dinner, snacks!

I had time to make my blended protein shake this morning, but for mornings I don't I don't mind the powder plain in water, which is quick, or I can do that + a half PBJ made the night before.

I'll let you know how the week goes with this new plan!

Ignoring the scale right now; I need to get my habits under control before that has any chance of changing, and I know I'll just fall into destructive thought patterns if I let myself.

Saturday is my birthday, so there will probably be some overeating there (I'm throwing a tamale-making party, haha) but all the snacks will be fresh veggies - munchy ones + more kale salad, so it shouldn't be too terrible.

This week is all food focus. Next week I have fewer work travel days (work travel day = have to leave my house ~6:30am, so that means no AM gym) so next week I will focus on adding some early morning gym days to that. Baby steps!

I hope you all have a lovely week. emoticon
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