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Wednesday, 4/9/14

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Had to keep reminding myself of that today as Isaac's work ethic left much to be desired. Made it through though.

Started the day with math and some work on our N. Carolina unit study. We then got things organized for our work before getting lunch taken care of. Afterwards we hit it hard. Took us two truckloads to the storage shed, but a lot longer getting things ready to put in there as the hubby had a lot of "loose" stuff on the garage shelves! Managed to keep things in like kinds in storage though so we can find things if needed. This picture is after three trips to the storage shed. There is a lot more in there now and all the shelves are filled!

We were all very happy to say "The garage is done!" We are taking tomorrow off from moving as we have Amy and her kiddos coming for lunch/play and Isaac also has group and physical therapy after that. Tim is going to buy some boxes he found on Craigslist for cheap tonight and that will help with the books and puzzles that need packed up. The thumb is very swollen and still achy this evening after using it all day long. I think it will appreciate the break of moving too!

Have supper in the oven (meatballs and gravy) and then will head out for bible study about 6:30. I'm sooo tired, but will be a good time away from the house for me. This evening once the kiddos are in bed.... Survivor!

And a few more house pictures...

Living room and I'm thankful that I asked for all the window coverings to remain!

Back yard. The gazebo thing will be gone and Tim plans to build a covering over the entire patio area as this is the south side of the house. Keep some of the heat out of the house in the summer!

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