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Thursday, 4/10/14

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Before we got a very tiny amount of schoolwork accomplished this morning we did some of our household chores. While the kids were working on their lapbooks I started copying the programs for Presentation Night (yep...2 weeks ahead on this) and then got a phone call from our buyer. Ended up spending time on the phone talking with him and then his lending agent to understand it all, but the good news is things are still moving forward. An issue that came up for him during underwriting on the earnest money that was easily fixed with an agreement between the two families. Should still be on target for closing next Thursday morning!

Amy and her kiddos arrived around noon for several hours and that was nice to just sit and talk. We are usually so busy with co-op that we don't get to visit. Had about an hour after they left before taking Isaac to his group therapy and then to physical therapy.

The evening got away from us as the gal who does the physical therapy was in a chatty mood tonight and I didn't realize it was 8 p.m. and we still hadn't had supper! Whoops! Got Isaac in the tub afterwards and now they are already in bed.

Tomorrow I have a load to take to the storage shed as I boxed up school books, recipe books and bible books. I was able to get the games and puzzles done while supper was cooking (chili) and before Kenzie arrived with Isaac. We will then stop at the office store for more sealing tape and then get some school done before we box up the kids' games and their bookshelf. That will be the bulk of it until next week and these will be items that will go in the enclosed trailer out front.

Tomorrow I will also make phone calls on all the utilities and get them lined out for transfer/overlapping service. Beginning to feel real with the house emptying out and all of these details! The gal Maegann babysits for knew of a carpet cleaner so will line him up for next Friday afternoon to clean the carpets before we move stuff into the kids' rooms on Saturday. We were told we would have possession by Friday afternoon so need everyone to realize plans might change a little!

We are also starting to look at used refrigerators as we need to buy one next week to have in the new house and naturally the dryer decided to go out on me earlier this week. Tim took it apart last night and is researching, but appears it will be cheaper to buy a "new" one. Thankfully the weather has been warm so I've been able to dry everything on the clothesline. Won't have one of those at the new place for quite awhile so will need a dryer.
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