Just Say No!! a Strength Training Plan

Friday, April 11, 2014

The title of this blog is my new mantra. Every time I say "No!" to a temptation I get stronger. I won't let those tempting snacks and comfort foods creep in. My new strength is in saying "No!" I still haven't had a McDonalds small vanilla cone in several weeks now although my life has been filled with doctor's appointments and other health issues that in the past warranted a stop at McD's after every such visit. I've come to realize that it is my inner child emoticon that is demanding her little goodie for being a good girl and going to the doctor. No more, kid. Like I said to the child the other day after an afternoon filled with CT scans and MRIs, sit down, shut up, and go to sleep! emoticon I then turned onto the expressway and continued home, as the adult in charge. We went home to a meal that was all planned out ahead of time, ready and waiting. It was delicious, filling and very satisfying. And it came in under my points range for the day. With my new take-charge behaviors, I lost 7 pounds last week, following a 2.2 loss from the week before that so inspired me to start my Just Say No Strength Training plan. emoticon Just for today, it's going great and I feel stronger every day. although I didn't plan it this way, I will have surgery coming up and I want to be in as good health, physically, mentally and spiritually that I can be. If saying "No" to a tempting snack will get me there, then so much the better and worth every missed cone!!
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