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Day 43--Change "I Have To...to..I Choose to"

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Almost everyone of us can relate to the fact that if someone tells us we cannot....
Then we will do ourselves in trying...till we either do it or prove them right!

If we feel obligated to do something..we will begrudgingly do it & stop the minute we can..
Yet that is the terminology we send to our back brain..& honey that is the part of the brain that is in charge!! The ole front brain..well it thinks & sees & sets down memories ..all kinds of neat stuff..but the ole back brain is the engineer of this vessel! That is why meditation is such a great thing..it opens those pathways between the two halves of the brain & increases communication in a positive way! Ok this is not meant to be a neurological lesson..but want you to understand why it is so true ..If you think you can...REALLY think you can..then you can!! because that back brain believes what you tell it...so if you feed it positive information it will proceed to take you on a positive path!

Now back to terminology ...we should use the words "I CHOOSE TO"...
So make a list....I choose to....eat more veggies
exercise...walk everyday...drink more water..take a oatmeal & lavender bath weekly..

I choose to love myself..every day in every way..

I believe a huge part of success is in the mind..if you choose to succeed...believe you can succeed...then you will act on that. You have to NOT look back..that is past ..it is done!
you have to look at small lil bites...today..or even parts of a day..or even an hour!
I choose to not eat that candy this hour...then reconsider next hour..but make it a choice..not a Have To ..ie...have to not eat that..no ...I choose to not eat that!!
then throw in a positive... I choose to eat this apple.
OK..sidebar...can you believe they do not have a emotion for an apple!!! the most healthy food there is ..one that we should choose to eat every day..& there is no icon for it!!!!

Ok..back to the lesson...done ranting!! emoticon

If it is raining... emoticon then use your choices to either walk with emoticon or in the house or on the treadmill..we have so many choices..isn't that great!!!

So let's all redo our vocabulary...eliminate HAVE TO...replace it with CHOOSE TO....
Apply that to all areas of our lives...

emoticon accent the positive.. emoticon eliminate the negative...etc....

yep ..thas the idea...choices ...made & followed up on....

Thus I do believe We can do this...if we choose to..because if we choose to we will do this!

Remember at all times.....

one of my favorite sayings .....

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