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Day 45-Is food important? how important?

Friday, April 25, 2014

There are things in life that we rely on...our cars...our homes..our phones...food....
we do not expect every trip in our car to be a wonderful experience..it is to get us there!
Then there are the times that oh yah,,,it is a kool ride....

Tis kinda the same with food don't you think...there are days when we eat to keep going.
There are days when we eat to enjoy the excellent food...
Then of course there are holiday foods that are extra special...

That is kind of a scale of importance for food...and we need to think about how important food is to us. Does it occupy a lot of your time..do you start to think of snacks or the next meal almost as soon as you finish one? Is food the center of your life?

We give control to food when we are too focused on it.

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These are times to focus on food ...as fuel..you need to fill the car to go on a ride..so you need to fuel the body to get the best performance out of the muscles you are working.
Most walkers or joggers or runners have "secret" best meals to eek out the BEST from their bodies..as long as those are based on healthy foods & not some kind of out of this world "special" load type meal..then Fuel it is & it is important as a tool !

For surprise parties...or a trip to a new special eatery ..then FOOD is important..it takes top billing. That is why you are there ..to have good food with a good time wrapped around it!
It is a treat! A special occasion..so celebrate & yes let food be important!

As kids food usually is not that important. We like it , sure..we enjoy certain meals that are special , oh yeah..but there is a world out there to enjoy & food is only a part of it. Then something happens & that attitude changes..too bad!

Again we visit the idea of slowing down..being aware of the many aspects of food..the color, the texture, the odor, the consistency as you bite, chew, & so on. So focus on food when you are eating..think about why you are eating it? For fuel? For comfort? Because you had a craving or because your body told you it needed food to fill up the tank?

The process of putting food in its place is not denial of favorite foods or punishment of "you can't have that"...it is setting times when food can be on main stage,,the important item ,,birthdays, anniversaries, special new places & of course holidays...
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Then on the regular days ...food is fuel. Tasty fuel is ok, as long as it doesn't take up 90% of your time thinking about it. Honest..do you sit & analyze the various stations before you fill the tank on your car? Well apply that same idea to meals..what is on sale this week ..what does the family like..what do I have time to prepare. Plan the meals..get the goods..& DONE.
Do not have to think about food anymore..it is not number one on the Important scale because it is planned, obtained & prepared.

We have such a rich abundance of foods available..we need to celebrate that by eating healthfully! But let's not give Food the power..let's take it back & keep food where it needs to be..special now & then ..but most of the time..tis fuel for our activities & daily living!

Yep..let's all do this lil activity....

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