Thursday, May 01, 2014

Okay, I am on day Four of my Cardio streak and Happy to say it continues. When I took sweet faithful Yumi for a 20 min walk today I noticed much less pain getting up my neighborhood hilly streets, so it must be working! I am finding most days that twenty minutes turn into 30 or more quite easily. It is the getting out there and doing it that is mostly needed, then the rest comes easier.

Boy but did I ever pay for that Weight Lifting 2 hr session on Tuesday, Whew. When I went to roll over to get out of bed every teeny tiny little muscle in my body said OH NO YOU DON'T! I still have quite the painful muscles in my Butt or should I say Glutes! At least my muscles are alive again and I am remembering that I havn't taken them out for a walk in a loooong time and they are shocked to be in use again lol. But every little ache feels good inside too me cause I am so happy it is that kind of pain. A Good Pain.

It is amazing how quickly my self worth comes back when I am doing what I know is good for me, I am proud of me again and I ain't afraid to say it!!! Go Me, Go You!!

Ps. I looked for and emoticon that had an ole fat broad holding her aching Butt, unfortunetly I had to settle for these!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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