Healing With Natural Oils

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

I have started the Slim and is a little tough to sip and drink the stuff...but I do like the feeling of complete fullness after I drink. Check it out...I am happy I purchased.

Here is the link for information on oils for allergy relief. So far my husband is having a very big improvement since starting to take the three drops of Lemon,peppermint and Lavender a day. He says it is gross...but it is working!! My friend was taking 6 advil a day and was still having headaches. She started using oils and she has not taken medications since!!

I have always carried peppermint in my purse for headaches. My family uses something called Thieves oil for any sickness. We just rub on the bottoms of our feet and lay in bed....Wake up GOOD!! If I really feel a flu like symptom coming on I will drink a few drops of the stuff...That has stoppped me from sickness many times.

I have been sick from work once in seven years...My Daughter(10) has been sick 2 half days from school.....Essential oils are side effects are literally ZERO.....

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