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New med will drastically change my life

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Methotrexate is the new med my rheumatoligist put me one after getting my lab work back. I have massive inflammation and joint pain so They put me on it and folic acid to help it work better. I take the methotrexate 1 day a week 4 pills at once. I canhave absolutely no alcohol while taking it because it can screw up up my liver enzymes. No problem there. Then they said I could have no nicotine. I've smoked for 13 years and I've been cutting back from almost 2 packs a day to now 12 cigarettes a day. I start my medicine on Wensday. Yes I freaked out. So I called them today and they said there are no side effects to smoking while being on the drug but I have to quit for my health. NO PROBLEM! So I'm going to try to cut my cigs down to 8 till tuesday then down to 6. I've also taking to only smoke half a cigarette so out of a pack I'm smoking a lot less and coughing a lot less. I'm also taking much lighter hits so I'm getting less nicotine. And my boyfirned is threre for me 100%! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • TMCAT1129
    Good luck on quitting, I know it is very difficult, it isn't just a habit, it is an addiction. COLLEENCONQUERS said it very well, great advice & words of wisdom!
    2121 days ago
    i quit smoking 6 years ago July 18th .. best birthday present i ever gave my self .. it is one of the hardest things i have ever done .. but also one of the accomplishments of my life i am most proud of .. YOU CAN DO IT .. if you want some of my best tips, it would be these

    #1. take smoking off the table .. PERIOD .. it will fix nothing in your life, it does not relax you, it does not reduce stress, it does not reduce anxiety .. it doesn't help you cope .. it does nothing but destroy your health .. take it off the table as an option !!
    #2. NO SELF PITY .. do not allow life circumstances to give you an 'excuse' to smoke after your quit date... the good, the bad and the ugly are going to happen whether you smoke a cigarette or not .. instead of feeling sorry for yourself because you can't smoke, feel sorry for those who still do...
    #3. NO EXCUSES !! again, the good the bad and ugly of life will happen and you cannot use any of it as a reason to have a cigarette... man how many quits i lost due to self pity because i couldn't smoke and because i needed 'just one' to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, life, someone upset me ..to celebrate, etc etc etc .. find better ways to cope ..call a friend/family member, keep a journal (and i highly recommend keeping a no smoking journal, helps work out all the emotions that WILL come up when quitting, and helps keep the mind and hands busy) .. all that stuff will still be there even after you have that "one" smoke (that WILL lead to another, and another and another.. more on that in a minute) .. you will still be stressed, anxious, even more so because you blew all your efforts .. so no excuses.. no smoking !!
    #4. N.O.P.E. -- Not One Puff Ever .. one puff WILL lead to another and another and another .. smoking IS an addiction .. you are an addict (i know that sounds harsh and i almost had a heart attack the first time i had to admit, that yes, i was and am an addict .. i was addicted to nicotine/smoking, and i know that even after 6 years if i smoke a cigarette, i would still smoke another and another till i was a full time smoker again .. so N.O.P.E.
    #5. join QuitNet online -- ""my absolute life and quit saver"" .. join a couple clubs and maintain close contact for a long while !!

    and a couple small things .. if you really feel like you need to smoke, cut up a couple straws and "smoke' one (it will help and also causes deep breathing (of fresh air, not smoke) and so had the added benefit of helping to relax you too..) ,, put a sticker on a calender for everyday you don't smoke, you will be surprised at how much watching all those stickers go on each days helps motivate you to keep going, give yourself rewards along the way.. this will be one of the hardest things you have done and you deserve it .. keep a journal too help work out all those feelings instead of smoking .. write about your feelings and what you are going through, vent, pat yourself of the back, vent some more ..one of the best tools you will utilize (next to quitnet)..
    okay, so now if i haven't totally offended you and run off at the mouth too too much, if you want to friend me to use as a tool/help/support/advice just friend me and i will friend you back ..

    (oh, and if nicotine isn't an issue, i used the 14 mg patch for 2 weeks, then the 7 mg for 2 weeks (instead of how the program really worked, it worked for me, and i didn't have to use the patch so long .. i smoked a really light cigarette and thought the 21 mg was too much, plus it is only supposed to be a "help" to get your body used to less nicotine while you get used to the emotional part of quitting, which believe me,, is the harder part) and that was a big help, but i know some people don't want to use a replacement "help" .. but it worked for me .. you have to do what works for you of course ..
    2136 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/23/2014 12:54:39 PM
  • no profile photo CD3468195
    emoticon Hope you start feeling better and the new medicine works for you. So nice to have your boyfriend right there on your side. You take good care of yourself now emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2137 days ago
  • no profile photo EVIE4NOW
    I hope your new meds work for you. Quitting smoking is really rough. Best wishes.
    2137 days ago
    Good luck with the medicine and good for you for working on not smoking. It's great you have support from your boyfriend. Have a great Friday.
    2137 days ago
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