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im not one to talk, but today i will

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I am feeling accomplished and pretty good this day, I have the exercise endorphins going and I am ready to tackle my house work!!
I got on the scale today and I have lost 3 pounds!!!
I am only 15.3 lbs away from being back down to the weight I was before I started gaining again.
This is a good thing. I found that pic I thought I had lost, of my standing on the scale, with that great number taken the day before I broke my foot.
I long for the day when I can take another snapshot of me on the scale with an even lower number.
People say, dont lose weight too fast or you wont keep it off, hmm, I wonder if they would consider 16 months too fast, lol.
But all joking aside, I keep setting small goals, and I am realistic when I set them. I dont imagine or envision myself as a super skinney model, but I imagine myself healthy and happy in my body.
I imagine myself shopping for clothes where my number one goal isnt to cover my belly, but to feel good in how I look.
That day is coming people, for me and for you too!!!
I have been going back to the track early of the mornings, I find that putting it off til later in the day usually leaves me checking the weather forecast too much and seeing it as more of a chore than a fun activity.
I have even been walking some of the steeper hills again, slowly adding that back into my walking routine.
I know I really need to amp up my calorie burn.
But I am feeling good about the number on the scale, people will tell you that numbers on the scale arent that important, but believe me, once you begin to lose weight and once you have gone so long in between losses such as I have, you really appreciate the numbers.
For me it is incentive to work harder, to make sure I do every thing I can, eat healthy, drink my water, sleep, take my vitamins and work out, just to see a lower number again.
This is my ultimate goal, to see lower and even lower numbers on the scale.
I started this whole process in May 2012, with a number in my head. And while I am still a long way from that number, and maybe I will never get there, I can see it a little more clearly from here.
Goals====hard work, alot of time, patience, prayer if you believe that helps, meditation and relaxation, not beating yourself up too much, inspirational people and thoughts.
And really one step at a time.
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