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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

That's the kind of day I've had.

"Somewhat" everything. Somewhat on track, somewhat not. Productive, not productive. Feeling sick, feeling okay. and on and on.

Yesterday worked out well - healthy dinner, properly portioned treats, LOTS of water, came in just under the top of my range!

I should probably adjust my range, speaking of, because it's like 1200-1540 calories right now or something insane and horrible. However until I actually LOSE something I'm kind of afraid to do that. Don't worry, I'm clocking in the 14-1500s most days.

Today I was off track in that I didn't get up and go running. However, the cold I have had since Saturday/Sunday has settled into my chest and I woke up with a grody cough and feeling like I couldn't breathe, so maybe that was wise.

I've been on and off sick/fatigued/okay again all day. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight and finally kick this thing!

I did have a great breakthrough yesterday though! One thing I have been struggling with last week (and a few weeks before, before I got back to motivation) was snacking. And by snacking I mean "grabbing way too much crepe from the vending machine." Blech. Yesterday afternoon I was HUNGRY. Like, almost hangry, hungry. And I was starting to feel like maybe I needed to go to the machine (NEEDED!) when I realized, hey. I didn't eat my snacks I packed yet. You don't go eat other snacks so that you can save the snacks you already HAVE, that is not how it works! Eat all your snacks. Then if you are actually hungry you can add one small thing.

But what do you know. I ate all my snacks and was fine. Hence the reason for packing snacks in the first place. DOY THERE SMART GUY. I mean, really.

So today I probably overpacked snacks and will not end up eating them all. But it's 4:10pm and I'm not hangry! And I still have grapes! Muahahaha.

I also had a win this morning. I got up late and was feeling grumpy about trying to prep breakfast and lunch and thinking maybe I will just buy lunch. Hoping when lunchtime came I'd have the willpower to get salad.

Then I remembered I have sandwich stuff and it takes like 42 seconds to slap together a turkey sandwich, and the lunchmeat would start to go bad anyway so might as well eat it now (what is WITH lunchmeat and how fast it goes bad??? dear lunchmeat: you are gross!). So I made a sandwich, and grabbed leftover broccoli I forgot was in there, and threw in some mini peppers, grape tomatoes, celery grapes, a grapefruit.... all because hey, those can go bad too. Why "save them" for going bad? Eat them for lunch and snacks!

So yeah. I outsmarted myself today. emoticon

Now if I could only exercise! hahaha.

In my groggy condition I did forget to put dinner in the crock pot, but a quick call to Mr. Turtle sorted that out. We will be having (pre marinated by the store, thank you very much Wegmans) bbq pork tenderloin. And salad because I have a bit left before it goes bad, and some corn on the cob I picked up the other day. huzzah! I am excited about corn. CORN!!!

So food is going well.

Productivity? Not so much.

While endlessly procrastinating on.. uh.. Friday? I read about this time management technique. I didn't read the fine print, but basically you make a list of tasks, pick one, and set a timer. Work steadily for 25 minutes, and when the timer rings, take a 5 minute break. I had a horrible week last week and have a ton of projects and stress so I thought I'd try it. It worked great yesterday! Some of my breaks were shorter, and a few times I continued after the timer (or forgot to reset it) just to wrap a task up, but I worked steadily without feeling drudgey or miserable. Yay!

Today, not so much. I just never got into a groove of implementing it so I've had a crappy disaster of a day. Sigh.

I'm going to wrap this up and try to use the last hour of my day more wisely to put myself in a good position for next week. Wish me luck! If I could have my procrastination engine surgically removed I totally would...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Me too.
    2124 days ago
    Add this to my drama, OY! We can do it, though. eventually... emoticon
    2129 days ago
    Oh my, I don't have a procrastination engine, it's more like a weather system that ever so slowly builds to a hurricane and then makes landfall (usually on my desk) and then I have to dig for survivors and rebuild.
    2130 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/4/2014 6:11:13 PM
    SO I take it you're "beside" the weather? (If you're not under it, entirely, or above it, I mean...)

    And Hangry is bad, but when you get to Fungry, watch out (I'm guessing you can figure out this term, which I'd never heard before yesterday, but now must use as often as possible)

    I like the idea of the procrastination engine. Well, not "like", exactly, more like identify with it.
    2130 days ago
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