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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hello Spark Friends, so as most of you who read my blogs know, I have been struggling with healthy eating the last few weeks and I really need to get my head back in the game, buckle down and get serious about this!!
So, tomorrow is grocery shopping day.
I leave for vacation to the beach in 1 month and while there is little hope of losing alot of weight before then, I am not putting up unrealistic, unobtainable goals, I would like to drop a few pounds if for no other reason, than to just be able to walk a little more easily.
So, I am going to try to stay away from refined carbs and sugars this month, so here is my question for everyone.
What foods should I buy when I go shopping tomorrow???
What foods should I NOT buy???
Give me some ideas of some new things to try, some new fruits and vegetables that arent on ones daily shopping list.
I need new ideas.
I have been stuck in a rut with the same ol same foods.
I do not want to do the prepackaged weight watchers type frozen meals.
I plan to buy lots of fresh fish, tuna, salmon, mackerrel, and I need some ideas for side dishes.
I am giving up ALL bread, that includes whole grain, so I need some replacements in the whole grain/wheat category.
Thanks in advance to anyone who might want to offer up some recipes, or food ideas for my shopping list.
I have to get myself back on track and stop with the frozen pre-packaged foods, and cereals and carbs.
Hope everyone is having a nice day.
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    Someone mentioned chickpeas, that reminded me of something. Do you like hummus ? Hummus is a dip made from chickpeas. I use it as a dip. I've used it to make sandwiches. I've used it in salads. Hummus is not only tasty, it's good for you too.

    2328 days ago
    Wow, Val, some great ideas.

    I know with me it helps to change things up. I get into a food slump. For a while I was having a smoothie every morning... now I don't even want to think about one.

    I've got to get back to watching what I eat, too. Let us know how you make out!
    2328 days ago
    Hi Done Girl! I LOVE zucchini chips, fulfill that salty crunchy chip craving- slice 1/4 inch spray pam on cookie sheet, put slices on put little salt (don't over salt it intensifies as baking), bake in oven on low for an hour or so 250-300

    Cauliflour- for pizza and rice, lots of great recipes on spark people.

    Garbanzo Beans- hummus, toasting
    2329 days ago
    Spinach!!! It's delicious with a simple oil and vinegar dressing and a dash of salt. It's great sauteed quickly with some olive oil and garlic, and it's surprisingly good in all kinds of soups, lasagna, chili, bean dishes. No wonder it's called a super food.

    My other secret weapon is kidney beans. They are wonderful and full of fiber so they keep us full longer. Saute 1 yellow onion and one chopped carrot til they're soft. Then add a Tbs. of cumin and saute for another minute or so til fragrant. Then add 1 cup of orange juice and one 5 oz. can of pineapple juice. Simmer the onions and carrots in that juice mixture until the volume of liquid is reduced to about 1/4 of what it was. Add a large drained can (45 oz.) of beans and heat through. Add garlic and fresh parsley to taste. I serve this with breakfast omelets, enchiladas for lunch, roast chicken for dinner. Even my kids love them!
    2329 days ago
    Hi! There are already some great suggestions. I'll second the suggestion for adding quinoa into your diet. I love it. I use it to replace rice and sometimes pasta. Spaghetti squash in another good, versatile addition.

    I have a sweet tooth and to avoid refined sugars, I have discovered Medjool Dates. They are amazing and like eating a homemade caramel (in texture--just watch out for the pit) and honey in flavor. It's a fruit loaded with fiber and potassium. However, each one is about 66 calories, so you don't want to overdo it. I like to pair one or two dates with raw almonds. Yum!

    I'm currently following Bob Harper's 21-Day Jumpstart which is all processed-free foods, very low calorie, moderate exercise (ONLY meant to be a Jumpstart and a transition into his Skinny Rules), and I lost 6 pounds in week 1 with a few modifications. I think I'd have lost more, but there were some days I just needed the few extra calories.

    Good luck with the groceries!
    2329 days ago
    When I go low carb I like tuna stuffed mini bell peppers. Cut top off peppers and pull ribs and seeds, stuff em. For tuna stuffing I take canned in water tuna, 1 tbsp lite mayo (I like Trader Joe's reduced guilt mayo), diced peppercinis and sweet relish to taste...and a dash of Sriracha. They are easy to eat on the go:)
    2329 days ago
    I am learning to like other grains such as Quinoa. Also legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc) are a good source of many nutrients without all the other stuff.

    2329 days ago
    Spring greens are just in season and are great (sorry I don't know what you call them in the states)

    It's a bit like cabbage, saute with some coconut oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and makes a great base for fish, add in some onions for extra flavour. I've been having this everyday, ever so slightly addicted to it lol

    Replace the whole grains with the starchy veg, instead of rice or pasta have sweet potato, squash, carrots, parsnips, all of these can be made into great mashes, with different spices.

    Asian slaw is something I like to make that gets some veggies in and is a great side, it's raw zuccini, carrot, cucumber, chilli pepper, shredded with a peeler, add lime juice, spring onions, garlic and soy sauce, just toss it all together.

    Roasted eggplant, slice thinly, season then roast and add to salads. I love hot salads, basically the things that can't be cooked like cucumber, lettuce, etc make the base, then roast a bunch of other veggies like, tomato, red pepper (capsicum), mushrooms, eggplant, and toss on top of your cold part and mix. For a dressing I like tahini mixed with simply lemon juice and water salt and pepper, sometimes if im extra hungry I add a tin of mixed beans and some rice noodles. Since you eat meat you can skip the beans and just add tuna/salmon/mackarel etc.

    Stir frys are great because you can pretty much saute any veg so it doesn't get boring, buy any veg on sale, chop, sautee, stir fry and add to your meat!

    Eat tonnes of veggies and you should be right :o) Eat the rainbow as they say.

    If you are tempted with grains, try something like rice noodles, lighter than your standard pasta.

    Google has umpteen recipes for spicing up veggies and making them the star of the dish. Best of luck hope you enjoy any new things you try.

    2329 days ago
    Stock up on whatever fresh fruits and veggies are on sale. Try to eat seasonal fruits/veggies when possible. I love strawberries, but you don't want to buy strawberries when they are out of season.

    KIWI fruit is usually on sale at my supermarket and it is very tasty. What's wrong with bananas ? I love bright yellow, not too green or brown spotted ones.

    Do you like tomatoes ? See if grape or cherry tomatoes are on sale because vine ripe can be pricey. If they have yellow tomatoes, those would be good. Grapes should be in season. Buy some grapes to munch on.

    If you need to spice up your meals, buy some fresh herbs ! nothing jazzes up a meal like some fresh thyme or basil. If your market doesn't have fresh, then check out the spice section. try some of the curries.

    Whole grain ? quinoa has become a popular whole grain. My cousin makes a yummy quinoa salad. the spark recipes section has a selection of quinoa. you might like it.

    2329 days ago
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    I would suggest replacing a meal or snack with a smoothie. They help you reach your vegetable and fruit goal and there are so many different recipes that it is almost impossible to get bored.
    2329 days ago
  • SOFT_VAL67
    thanks guys, yes, i know about reading food labels, more or less what i had hoped for was some suggestions of some great new recipes or food ideas, just something different than the daily blah of the same old same.

    2329 days ago
  • KAT813
    The only thing you can do is read food labels. I wish I could suggest foods, but I can't. I'm looking into limiting carbs, salt, and sugar. Try looking into foods that have under 20g of each.
    2329 days ago
  • JLAMING263
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    2329 days ago
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