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What Is One Of Your "First Date" Embarrassing Moments?????

Thursday, June 05, 2014

I have had several, but one came to mind the other day on the way home from running errands. It was an especially warm day and all of a sudden I was thirsty for a Root Beer!!!!! Usually, when I am thirsty it is for lemon water or just plain ice water, but that day it just had to be an A&W Root Beer. Elizabeth was with me and I thought it would be fun to go to a Drive-In with Car-Hops. While we were drinking our Root Beers, I remembered a First Date in High School that was very embarrassing BECAUSE of Root Beer. I started to giggle and of course, Elizabeth wanted to know why. I told her the following story and then we were BOTH giggling. I don't know what the car-hop thought.........

I was a Sophomore in High School. There was a Junior boy from a neighboring town who was VERY CUTE. I really wanted to go out with him and told a girl from his school (because I knew she wouldn't keep her mouth shut) that I liked him and would go out with him if he asked. Well, he finally did. He was such a nice kid..........good student, athlete, did I mention CUTE?, and my dad liked him. My dad didn't like any boys at that time of my life!!! It was a July afternoon and the temperature was 98 degrees F. There wasn't any air conditioning in cars at that time or in most homes. It was hot and humid and the only relief was to roll the car windows down. Halfway to our destination, we saw an A&W Drive-In and decided to stop for a Root Beer. They served them in tall, frosted mugs and we were both so thirsty that we ordered the largest ones they had. I think that we both drank them down all at once; we were so thirsty!!! That very cute boy turned to me, asked me a question, and when I opened my mouth to answer, the LOUDEST, LONGEST, MOST AWFUL BURP came out of my mouth!!!!! It was like an out-of-body experience!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE that I had burped in front of this very nice and cute boy on our first (and probably last) date!!!!! His eyes got big and then he started to laugh. He laughed so hard that tears ran down his face............then I started to laugh until tears ran down my face, but mine were from laughing and embarrassment!!!!! We did go out again and dated on and off for the next 3 years. I ran into him at an auction last summer and we started reminiscing and he brought up "The Burp." It still made both of us laugh. it's your turn.......... emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    It wasn't our first date, but we were just starting to date and were at a bar and some guy told me I had a nice rack. I said "Thank you I brush them all the time and take care of them" The guy just looked at me funny. My date who is my husband now said " what do you mean you brush them, I said I take good care of my teeth. He said he wasn't talking about your teeth Ginna, he was talking about your breasts. I was so embarrassed, I had never heard that saying before, I thought the guy was talking about my teeth. They were white and shiney. Still are to this day! I brush them twice daily ya

    The whole family laughs about that to this day and it was 27 years ago.

    Thank you for posting this blog, very funny to read the stories.
    2015 days ago
    This was at a high school dance, but not a date... my best friend and I were standing together (boys on one side of the room, girls in groups on the other... remember those days?), when a cute guy I liked approached. Sure that he was going to ask me to dance, I said, "will you hold my purse", but quickly changed it to, "here, I'll hold yours..." when he asked her instead. Fifty-five years later, I still remember it clearly!
    2015 days ago
    Too funny! My story was not a first date but very early in our relationship. I was using henna in my hair to bring out the red highlights. I saw this ad for something called "jazzing" and it was supposed to make your hair shiny. I picked up the red one - also supposed to wash out in 6 washings... Well.... it interacted with the henna and my hair was day-glo orange. It was Saturday afternoon and too late to do anything. My date (now my husband) got there and said... You colored your hair. Understatement of the year! I bought mouse brown color on Sunday and put it over it. On Monday I went on a business trip, but I called Clairol, and they told me to put Metal-Ex on it. It was mostly cod-liver oil, but it took out all the fake colors leaving me au natural! We still laugh about it! And yes, we went out to dinner with that hair!!!
    2015 days ago
    2016 days ago
    Hi Patti, emoticon

    Thank you for sharing your extra ordinary story! It is a good thing it did not come out the other end. I wish I have something to share but cannot think of any.

    Take care & have another blessed weekend! emoticon


    2016 days ago
    I'm just enjoying reading your blog and the other comments!
    2016 days ago
    Was on a date standing in line waiting to be seated in a restaurant. AS we're standing in line, an ambulance pulled up and they took a patron to the hospital . . . apparently choked. So the maƮtre de said, "Don't order the special." Ok . . . not a promising start, but it got better.

    We were seated and the patrons adjacent to us order some wine which was brought to their table and opened. After the first glasses were poured, the bottle was placed in a wine tub to keep chilled. Ok . . . no problem. Till it spilled! All over me! Red wine, of course. Profuse apologies abounded, and a slight chuckle. LOL

    But it got even better the next time. Yes, I did go out with the poor fellow one more time.

    WE went to a fancy schmansy French restaurant. Ordered Chateau Briand (however you spell it). The waiter came to the table with the beef and a gravy boat of gravy for serving. He quaffed a smell of the sauce and INHALED IT UP HIS NOSE, thusly sputtering, coughing and choking. Ok, that was the end for me. LOL We did NOT eat the food. Went elsewhere.

    Poor guy. Did go out with him twice more, but that was that.
    2016 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2016 days ago
    emoticon at least it didn't come from the other end
    2016 days ago
    great story.
    2016 days ago
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