You have to start believing you are capable of MORE

Friday, June 06, 2014

Pushed thru 55 mins of Turbofire without stopping this morning :)
Doing these workouts daily has lead me to realize something pretty awesome, so I wanted to share it with you…

– No matter how much you think or say "I'm not coordinated enough" "I can't do workouts like that" "I can't ever keep up/they go to fast"

You're WRONG, I mean it, I know because that's what I ALWAYS said to myself. I would just do 'my best" and not really try to keep up with the moves when I didn't get the hang of it, and eventually I'd stop showing up & switch to another workout or give up all together.

This time around I'm NOT letting myself off the hook, I've been more consistent & put in more effort over the past few weeks, & now I actually wake up looking forward to one of the longest cardio workout in Turbofire.

Because each time I do it, I get better, I remember what the heck each move is when they say it & I can actually switch from one move to the next without over thinking it. This is amazing for me because I am a serious OVER THINKER!!!

So if you are at the beginning of your program, in the middle or even at the end, don't dare give up!!!!
Practice makes you mind & your muscles remember :)
Sometimes it takes longer for you to get the hang of it, but you will, you have to believe that you are capable of more, that you can get stronger, better & learn new things – and you will.

- the girl who never made the cheerleading squad because she "couldn't" follow the routine ;)
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