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Project! Long story short- in which I install my Dream SpiceRack

Sunday, June 08, 2014

My Friday project turned into a two day (ish) project, and then an unexpected project took up the rest of Saturday. So I'm behind and didn't go to ikea (and there was unexpected cheesecake, but more about that later...) but overall I'm having a happy weekend.

The Project:

I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and cuisines. When I have time! So I have developed quite a collection of spices! Way more than fit in commercial spice racks, plus I don't want to give up that much counter space. I also hate devoting an entire cabinet to spices - it inevitably gets messy and I can't find anything and I have a lot of gadgets to store also! For a long time I have wanted a wall mounted option.

I don't love the usual ones that are shelves with bars to hold the jars in, though. Do you know the ones I mean? They can hold many different heights but only up to a certain width of jar, plus it can look messy and I'd obsess over making the labels face out. Also, having the jars standing upright takes up more space!

Many years ago I made my own out of plastic canvas. It was like a shoe rack: the jars slid in horizontally and were labelled on the caps. It was okay... Not sturdy enough so sometimes stuff would fall out. It was also not very pretty.

Then... Then came The Post. A few years ago I saw a post in an online forum. Someone was sharing photos of their kitchen, which included AN ENTIRE WALL of stainless steel racks, with horizontally stored jars, for spices. They also had cute jars for all their various colors of sprinkles and baking doodads on top, using the spice rack as a shelf. It was heaven, and I coveted it.

Mr. Turtle would not allow such a thing in the apartment, as we were renters and didn't know how long we would be there. And honestly I didn't want to put that many holes in the wall anyway... However, I was determined I would have The Spice Wall. SOMEDAY.

fast forward to house hunting... Many a kitchen was critiqued with "...but where will my spice rack go?" Heh.

Then we bought our house. We were (and really, still are) overwhelmed with all the things we need, and want, to do! But I told Mr. Turtle I want my spice rack. Even if it seems frivolous. We each got to pick one non essential But I Really Want It house thing to spend money on, and this is mine.

In a bit of serendipity, I found the actual spice racks my coveted wall from the photographs had been made from! I put them on my Amazon wish list, and then it sort of went back to the land of I'll get around to it.

Until my awesome MIL got me some spice racks for my bday!!!!! Sneaky Mr. Turtle must've snuck her my amazon list. Hehe.

Then I was busy with work and the play but finally found the time! This weekend is my last three day weekend - I worked my last Saturday last weekend and am going back to Monday through Friday (thank God!!!!!!!).

So I wanted to celebrate my final free Friday by doing specifically stuff I WANT to do, rather than stuff I SHOULD/NEED to do (like our Godzilla size laundry pile, which I am working on today. Sigh...)

I put up the racks, cleaned out the cabinet, and then went to a fancy spice store! I wanted to replace dome of my old dregs of ancient dried spices with fresh, plus I got a few exciting fancy things for fun. :)

Btw, you should totally find a local spice shop that sells by the ounce. It's better quality AND heaps cheaper than the grocery store! Based on how many different things I got, and the prices I am used to with those godawful McCormick jars, I was expecting my bill to be like $200. $40!!! I got like 15 different spices plus a couple blends/rubs. Awesome!

That was super fun.

After my racks came for my birthday, I ordered a label maker in anticipation of the project. So after the spice shop and an early dinner (mr t grilled chicken with my new BBQ rub, corn on the cob, and baby bok Choy. Mmmmm!) I spent a blissful evening making labels, funneling spices into the new jars, and alphabetizing while listening to Netflix. BLISSSSSS!!!!!

photos at last:

I decided a cube worked better for my kitchen than the original long wall. :) But there is room for two more to the right of the cube, if I ever want/need the space!

Best day off ever. :)

Saturday we went to the gym, but had to cut our visit short to get home in anticipation of my FIL. They're remodeling and gave us their dishwasher. Nothing wrong with ours, just theirs is fancier I guess? But anyway, instead of going to ikea to order our china cabinet finally, we spent the bulk of our day uninstalling and installing dishwashers. It's more obnoxious than I thought it would be! I guess I assumed you just pull it out and unplug, but it's way more complicated. Oh well. We got it done.

Then I went to see a friend in a play that was hysterically funny. A couple other friends from the last play we were in came too. So we went out afterwards. Fries and cheesecake! Actually I had been way under calories for the day & planning on a post play snack either way... I just should not have eaten the entire giant piece of cake. emoticon Oh well! Lesson learned. It put me over calories, but still under 2000, so.... Eh. I'll live.

I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to lose weight FAST lately and I'm kind of tired of myself. I intentionally ate over a couple days (1690 or 1700 instead of 1580 big whoop) and I'm trying to eat more fat. Other than vague mental problem feelings like guilt and should be doing better, I feel great. I've been eating lower fat for so long because I've internalized that I'm fat and shouldn't eat fatty things. But then I started trying to eat more protein, and then less carbs, and i think I was getting way weirdo fetish with my macronutrients. I'm trying to calm down more and just eat. Eat healthy and not worry SO MUCH about the numbers. We'll see.

My weight is fluctuating a lot this week, but TOM is coming and my sodium intake has been all over the place. Probably just better to just wait and see where I am in early July.

Gotta go fold Laundry Godzilla! I think I'm on load 4 of 6. Haha. We need to pay more attention to the house rule- do 1 load every weekend no matter what! It was ok to be lazy when we had the laundromat fold it all for us... LOL.

Hope you're all well! More food & workout updates during the week. :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love the rack. You are doing awesome.
    2119 days ago
  • LISAN0415
    MOBII cracked me up with the "Great Rack" comment!!!

    I love your spice rack... It will be great to "spice up" chicken and veggies... because I am learning with weight loss, it really is more about the food than activity.

    Do you have any more photos of your new place? I know you are a private person, but I am excited for you!

    2119 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    Great Rack! I mean the spice rack as well, lol!

    I love having extra herbs and spices around. I grew up with pretty much salt, pepper, seasoned salt, garlic powder, and onion powder.

    I bought a spice rack that came with free spices for life...I just pay for shipping and don't have to get the same ones that came with the rack. The shipping is very reasonable and I usually spend less than 10 bucks when I restock. I think the only one that was actually more expensive than buying in the store was parsley, mainly because of the amount of it that I is definitely not just for garnish in my home!
    2120 days ago
    Awesome! I love your spice wall! I would love one, but then wouldn't use it. I know how I am. Aren't we lucky to have amazing emoticon MIL's and husbands???
    2120 days ago
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