Planning and prepping my way to health

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meal prep going down today :)

Back to work tomorrow, gotta have my meals prepared and ready.
I normally don't have time to make healthy food and snacks every morning, but I do have time to grab it from the fridge ;)

🔺You have to have a PLAN
🔺Find a way that works - PREP
🔺Make the effort - EVERYDAY
🔺Know that this is great for your HEALTH

Life is full of choices.

• I choose to fuel my body with good food, to avoid processed food made with chemicals, fillers and man made substitutes.

• I choose to spend my money on real food from the earth rather than questionable foods of convenience.

Small, seemingly insignificant choices over time compound into great big things. Good or bad, our health is built on these choices, you have to know that YOU are the only one who can change your course.

What will you choose?
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