2-week menu plan & grocery list

Monday, June 30, 2014

I am eating approximately 45 points (I am alotted 49 but I deduct a few just in case I am undercalculating something!) or 1800-2000 calories daily.

Breakfasts: 7-10 points 300-450 calories

2 eggs (4 pts) with fresh fruit (0 pts) and whole grain toast (3) with one tsp of real butter (1)

Overnight oats (5-7 pts) with a boiled egg (2)

Egg/egg white omelet (3) with fresh veggies (0) fruit (0) and either cheese (2) or yogurt (2)

Lunches: 10-12 points (400-500 calories)

Leftovers, salads and protein or sandwich with veggies and dip. Girls – tuna and egg salad sandwiches, carrots & dip, fruit.

Afternoon snack: 4-6 points (150-250 calories)

String cheese, almonds, fruit, air popped popcorn, veggies w/ hummus

Dinners are 12-15 points (500-650 calories)

Evening snack - 0-8 points (0-300 calories)

Monday: Leftovers from graduation party w/ added veggies

Tuesday: Leftovers, green salad

Wednesday: Chicken legs, seasoned fries, salad (no fries for me – leftover rice mixed w/ spinach)

Thursday: Ground turkey meatloaf muffins, green beans, oven potato wedges

Friday: Parent’s 4th of July

Saturday: Grilled chicken, veggie pasta salad

Sunday: Parents'

Monday: Red beans & brown rice (kielbasa and rice for the kids)

Tuesday: Steamed garlic veggies, chicken and leftover veggie pasta salad

Wednesday: Parent’s

Thursday: Pinto beans w/ corn muffin (kids will have leftovers)

Friday: Spaghetti with turkey meatballs, green vegetable

Saturday: Parents'

Sunday: Stone soup & corn muffins (fish sticks for kids)

Monday: Chicken w/ spinach and garlic over whole wheat pasta, green veggie

Tuesday: Lentils, onions and rice

Wednesday: Parents'

Shopping list: $32 for 17 days! Thankfully we have a TON of leftovers from the graduation party – even after sending food home with friends and family! Have some stuff in the freezer and pantry to use up too. Will be shopping at Aldi and the Bulk Food store

bananas x2 – 1

apples x 1 bag – 3

spinach – 2

green beans – 1

2 pounds chicken – $4-$5

lunch meat – 3

Bulk foods -

lentils, kidney beans, pinto beans, brown rice, Whole wheat pasta, White pasta $6

4 yogurts - 2

Case of water – $3

Coke – 1

Home – kitty litter, paper towels $5

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