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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I admit that I haven’t been as active in posting as I would like to be. Unfortunately there are times that life just takes precedence. However, even though I’ve been quiet, I’ve been working and observing. I have come to some very real conclusions.

First, fitness is hard. For the longest time I was stuck on a plateau. Finally I was able to break through it but then life hit. I was hit with the stress of doubling my work hours, which in turn caused me to lose sleep in order to maintain my exercise routine. This was okay, I wasn’t losing a lot but I haven’t really gained either. Then, like we are all informed we should, I decided to switch up my routine. I have been doing T25 for several months and love the results that I am getting. On top of that I was doing HipHop Abs in the mornings. Recently, however, I started to do Zumba and the weight loss stopped. I can tell from the inches and how I feel that it is working, but when the numbers stop moving it can get disheartening. This has led to my second observation.

Second, there is a plethora of places on line where people can go to try to get inspiration and motivation during their fitness journey. I have looked in all of those places and sadly there is one conclusion that has become glaringly obvious. There are people out there that no matter what you do, will put you down for it. An example is recently on Tumblr I was following a page of a fit woman who had plenty of fitness tips. However, recently there was a photograph of a woman who had obviously worked hard to lose her weight, but this individual chose not to applaud her for her hard work, but rather to berate her for “her ugly stretch marks.” It is the attitude of people like this that can give a person, who may be struggling to keep up on the path of weight loss and fitness, the perfect excuse to give up. I’m not saying that all fitness blogs, or people are like this, but when there is even one it can be disheartening to someone who is fighting to repair the damage done to their body. I know I have a ways to go yet before I’m happy with my body and I accept my body for how much it has changed as of late but even I find this type of body shaming disheartening. Yes, I’m to blame for the process I am currently fighting to go through, but the fact is I’m not giving up. I would much rather see people applaud others for their efforts than to ridicule them for their flaws.

I guess my point is that not only is diet and fitness difficult, but so is life. We need to find ways to encourage people to make better choices and accept the things about their bodies that they can’t change. I may have stretch marks, but I know that I am doing my best to make my body better. I may be going slowly, but I’m not letting life circumstances or hate from others deter me. We all need to find ways to empower others if only to help empower ourselves.
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  • TERESA159
    I agree with both of your points. Fitness is hard and having to constantly be conscience of what you put in your mouth sucks, especially if you want to have a social life. Also, people are so mean! I've seen it too and you just want to slap them. They are killing kittens. I hope that others just put up with that BS and walk away from those places and those people.

    HUGS to EVERYONE on the journey. We all rock in our own way.
    2461 days ago

    Firecrackers ROCK!
    2474 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/3/2014 10:21:53 AM
    I do not have a clue why some people have to be that way. I try hard to ignore them, but it is really difficult sometimes, and it is hurtful! BTW, I see that you were our biggest loser on the Firecracker team for week one! Congrats! That is AWESOME!!!

    Keep up the GREAT job!! And keep your Spark burning! emoticon
    2475 days ago
    I avoid those sites and those people. Each of us carry scars...some seen and some so hidden. People are cruel...or can be. But we just keep on Sparkin' and ignoring them. Life is more than criticism and distain....we are able to do anything if we focus and work for it. I appreciate your post! Good job!
    2475 days ago
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