When will I ever learn?????

Sunday, July 06, 2014

When will I ever learn????????????????I brought Tootsie roll pops to church with me today, because I found myself eating a couple of them every night, and that's just way too much sugar for me. Plus, it's a threat to my teeth, and I don't need to encourage having cavities at my age. So, I did what I have been doing the for past several weeks when confronted with goodies that are far too overwhelming for me, I packed the remaining lollipops into a little bundle with a rubber band, and gave them to the pastor's son for distribution among the kids who were allowed to have them. I love sharing the goodies, but if I could just keep them out of reach to start with, I wouldn't have to go through all the stress of fighting the urges and temptations that lead up to getting rid of the nuisance goodies. When, oh when, will I ever get a grip on this problem? At least I'm learning how to handle it after the fact, so maybe the next step will be to avoid it to start with. I used to be capable of doing that, but somehow, my resolve broke down along the way.
But that's what new days are all about, and one day at a time, I can overcome these temptations once again. The odd thing is that I DO resist temptation every day, but sometimes at night, when I'm sitting on the couch with my Kindle watching my movies and video series, I start taking mental inventory of my kitchen and what's in every cabinet and the fridge. Maybe I have to make up certain evening snacks for the couch and go to bed when the snacks are gone. Groan........that sounds like so much energy when I'm tired!!!!!!!!! 'Will keep you posted on progress! Please send along any suggestions.
PS. I can't go for a walk, I use a wheelchair. emoticon
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    That was a great Idea! ya, i cant have chips around at all or ii get in to them and not eat just one but all! Hugs, BONZ

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2263 days ago
    You can beat this addiction. You'll get stronger and stronger. I'm down to one tablespoon of honey on my popcorn and one square of Newman's dark chocolate about every other night. I do not eat any artificial sweetness it makes me want sweets. I have not drank sweet tea or sodas in years. You would think with all the things I do not do I would not have any problems. I have never learned to maintain when I lose weight but I will this time. Good luck on your health journey. I believe in you.
    2268 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Patty, Have you tried buying the Werther's Sugar Free hard candies. They are more emoticon emoticon pricey than ones with sugar but for me who still doesn't trust myself not to overeat the sweet stuff having these to eat instead of high calorie sugary food does help me. Why is it that every night close to my bedtime I start craving something sweet to eat. So these fit the bill perfectly for not touching anything with more calories & sugar. I know I'd overeat that Tootsie roll pops, probably the whole bag, at night so that's not allowed in my house. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs & Love, emoticon emoticon

    2299 days ago
    How we return to that little kid at hearth
    2301 days ago
    This is why I don't even keep snacks in the house. They call my name.
    2301 days ago
    Patty, I think it's one thing "know" something intellectually, but to be able to "do" that same something is a different story. For me, if it's in the house I will eat it. I try not to buy that kind of stuff, but I have a husband who likes an occasional treat. The only thing I've found that I don't overdose on is Werther's sugar free hard candies!! So odd...I love them, but don't seem to have to have more than my "intellectually" agreed upon 1 serving. Since it's hard candy, it takes a while for me to have them. Anyway, good luck to you! You had some, you gave the rest away, and you're moving forward! All important steps in this journey, in my opinion!! emoticon
    2301 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14315421
    Well, I must confess. I took a box of Keebler crackers that were getting the best of me the other night and filled the box with water. Works every time. I know better than to buy that kind of thing. I am like you....when will I ever learn!!! We just have to take it as we all know, one day at a time. And never make a grocery list when we are hungry or go grocery shopping when we are hungry. And above all else stay out of the snacks aisle. God bless us both. I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs, Judy
    2301 days ago
    I am the same way and often ask myself the same question. With all the research I have done, I would think I would know better and not buy the "treats" to begin with. I find that the more nutritious food I eat the less I crave the junk and then when I do eat the junk, I find it does not meet my expectations because most often it will taste nasty.

    Remember this journey is a progress and there will be bumps and loops along the way. Think about the progress you have made and make that your focal point rather than what you think of as failure. Life grades on the curve and often our score is better than we think it ought to be.

    Good Luck! emoticon emoticon
    2301 days ago
    Maybe don't purchase them, if they are trouble.
    2301 days ago
    That's emoticon that you brought the rest to church to give away and also that you can admit there's a problem at night. I think most of us have a problem at night. I know I do. I think for me it's my reward after being busy all day. I feel it's my reward at night. Hang in there, we can do this.
    2301 days ago
    Good job giving up the extra suckers - In my opinion that is getting a grip on the problem. Maybe not perfect but you didn't eat them all!
    2301 days ago
    Good Luck!
    2301 days ago
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