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day after docs appointment

Monday, July 14, 2014

I overslept, I got there on time, but one thing I hate is getting up late and not having time to sit around awhile first.
Anyway, good news and not good but maybe not bad news too.
First, the broken bone in my foot has healed. The doc said since he seen me a year ago, it is fully healed, and while there is some arthritis and bone spurs in my foot, he didnt see anything around the break that might be causing my numb foot.
More than likely, it is tarsal tunnel syndrome, or a pinched nerve somewhere in my leg, hip or back causing it.
But he is leaning more toward my flat feet and the lack of proper support.
And he said being summer, he is sure I am wearing flipflops and going barefoot more and he is right.
So, since its been nearly 2 years since I had shoe inserts made to fit my feet, orthonics , he is sending me to have those made and wants me to buy a good pair of supportive shoes for mobility.
And come see him again in 2 months and if this doesnt make an improvement, he will order an MRI and follow that with some nerve conductive testing.
He wants me to have my thyroid checked and my vitamin b12 levels.

As for my thumb, he didnt check it, he said since the ER had referred me to the hand doctor, that is who I need to see.
So, I will have to wait on that, keep wearing the thumb stabilizer and hope it heals soon.
That was my day.
Came home to clean for an inspection tomorrow by the Dept of Engineering,
Since we live near a blasting zone, we have them come check the property in case of future damage, they can prove, or we can prove rather that it was or wasnt there before.
Then off to see the guy to have my shoe inserts made and get groceries.
Remind me tomorrow to blog, good or bad about the outcome of my son and the saga to get his dog returned home.
And please animal lovers and friends, pray that he gets to come home, his little friend Pepper misses him so much.
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