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What A Difference 2.5 Years can Make

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I had an awesome Monday this week...although on the surface it wouldn't seem like it. I had an appointment with the nurse practitioner for my annual physical (including the check on the girly parts) AND I had a dentist appointment to fill a cavity and check on the healing of a root canal.
"Wow," you say..." Thinnyginny's life must sure suck if that was an awesome Monday..."

But wait for it.... this was the first time since I was a child when I didn't dread being weighed at the doctor... the first time that I smiled when I saw the number - 140 pounds... the first time that I saw the bloodwork that had come back and broke out in a grin... Cholesterol - 169 - oh yeah - 169... My EKG was perfect, chest xray clear, my sugar was low, my blood pressure was low, my bad cholesterol was low and my good cholesterol was high. The nurse looked up and said, "wow - whatever you are doing, keep doing it..." That's when I told her that I have lost almost 130 pounds over the last few years...
She sat up and looked me in the eye and said "that's fantastic - how?"

Once that conversation was over, with her confirming that I don't need to take a multivitamin if I am eating 8-12 veggie/fruits servings a day, and her telling me that I am not missing out on any nutrients by not eating very much grain, I left the office with a huge smile.
Three years ago I huffed and puffed walking up a few stairs... I lived in a carb induced brain fog...I struggled with depression, binge eating, heartburn, back pain, plantar fasciitis and horrible PMS.
After 2.5 years of Spark induced changes - I am HEALTHY and WELL... I can RUN uphill without huffing and puffing...I can turn down a donut...I can bend over and paint my toenails...I can wear a size 4 - 6....I can walk into a room without wondering if everyone is noticing how big I am. I smile when I look in the mirror.
If you are wondering if it is worth it - because it could take you a long time to get to your goal - please, please, please listen....


If I had not made changes, if I had allowed myself to quit again like always, I am absolutely convinced that the doctor would have been fretting over my blood pressure and worried about my cholesterol. And I would have left the office feeling awful.
And I would have been continuing to live in away that would cut years off my life.

I feel so much younger and more alive than I did 3 years ago...I do more fun things than I used to do... life is not perfect ..I still have teenagers talking back, not quite enough money at the end of the month and dog hair always stuck to everything in my house. I still fret over what I should be doing next in life - I have hit midlife and the beginning of the menopause journey and all the physical and mental challenges that come with that.
So life is not perfect with 130 pounds gone.

But guess what???

Life is a heckuva lot BETTER!!!

So keep chipping away at whatever you have to do to lose weight and get fit - there are huge benefits - and whether it takes you 2 months or 3 years really matters very little.... in 3 years you will still be 3 years older.... Wouldn't it be cool to be older AND healthier?
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