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Thursday, 7/17/14

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another quiet day and thankfully a less emotional day. The kids and I slept in until almost 9 (guess we were tired) and then we headed to McD's for breakfast as I needed to go by the library and the bank. Once home we got some school finished before heading out to swim lessons.

This afternoon we just hung out and then about 3:30 the kids went out to play with the neighbor boys while waiting for Isaac's counselor to arrive. We had already seen the "ringleader" of the mean bunch earlier so I reminded of our rules regarding opening the door (you don't) and if they come outside you are to come in after politely excusing yourself. No issue as they didn't come out thankfully. A little later it would have been an issue as anytime our door opened (it was usually myself or Tim) the boys of the mean girl would go get the girls out of the house. At 7 friends came to pick up Maegann (she's swimming and going out for ice cream) so it must have thwarted their entire purpose for being together (to be mean to Maegann) as she left laughing and they never got their chance and I doubt the ringleader will be here very long tomorrow as I can't imagine a parent would drop them off for more than one sleepover. If it isn't until big deal. Between school, babysitting Dakota, swim lessons and then going to Boise to the aquarium after lunch...the kids won't be outside. Just breaks my heart to watch kids being so mean to each other and finding joy in that.

The counseling appointment went great. We sat down as a family and helped Brent fill out a family flow chart. Through the conversations he could figure out our personalities, etc., and I was thankful today that Isaac's autism was very much in place so he wasn't able to "perform" like he usually can to hide things. I have told this new counselor that he had his previous counselor fooled. We will continue to do this for a time just to see if it will help all of us in our interactions with Isaac.

We are definitely getting smoke from all the fires burning in other states. Maegann got a picture of the sun about 7 p.m. and later it will only be a beautiful red and orange sunset.

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