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Tuesday, 7/22/14

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well, I did it. I spoke with the Nutritionist about going off program for the first time since October. She gave me my instructions and what to watch for so I'd know when to make changes. There was a sense of relief as I left though as it was one less weekly appointment to attend, but there was also a sense of "oh no" because I was now back in control of things again. I can do it, but it's a fair concern as I have had issues forever with weight gain. More reason to get an appointment with my own counselor soon so I can deal with the whole "never good enough" piece that does play into this with emotional eating.

We had our in-home time with Isaac's counselor this afternoon and I believe this will be good for all of us as he can see how badly we communicate sometimes. LOL He did catch that I am stressed right now so I filled him in on my latest and he also figured out the difficulty we have with Maegann wanting to "be the parent" at times because she knows what is expected and Isaac isn't doing it. Said he can help with that a bit. Another reason for her to have a counselor of her own for awhile too that will actually work with her on the autism stuff. That's what we wanted before, but the bully stuff was really at the forefront at that time unfortunately.

Tim stayed home and worked on the fence/gate since it was already 3:30 and a friend came over to play with Maegann so I headed to church to get the co-op supplies put away and some other shelves organized. Nice having that job checked off the list for September!

Tomorrow begins with a repeat eye doctor visit with my dad so we can make sure the good eye has the right lens script. Won't be home long before it is time to take the kids to swim lessons. Only 3 more days of those. Nothing else for the day other than Isaac's counseling appointment (individual one) at their office at 5:45. We had to rearrange appointments around swimming.
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