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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hi Everyone :)
I have been missing after my surgery (complications - knee infection). However, I had a learning that I wanted to make sure to pass along.

I am addicted to soda and since being home after the car accident injury rehab, I have gained some weight back. I really think it was the soda. I could not have soda while my bones were healing so once I got the okay I went soda crazy.

So I decided to go off soda again and just couldn't. Each day was my last soda day as I kept falling off the wagon. I was off the darn wagon more than I was on it. Then someone pointed me to seltzer water (the no calorie, no artificial flavors, no sodium kind).

Well some of it was okay and some was yucky and I went back to soda. Then one day I had enough so I bought samples of all sorts of seltzer water and discovered that I like the stop and shop black cherry and also polar brand seltzer. I like most of the polar brand with my favorites being orange vanilla, triple berry, vanilla (instead of cream soda), pomegranate, the summer specials pomegranate sangria, mango papaya, and the cucumber melon. The best is mango papaya, pomegranate sangria, and orange vanilla.

So far I am two weeks of no regular (or diet) soda and I do not miss it. The polar water is 5 for 4 dollars for the 32 oz. I have some in the house and some in the car. So I have no excuses for getting a soda.

It is also really easy to get my water in this way. Today I had 9 glasses of water which was 0 calories when normally I was getting at least 600 calories (on my soda binges).

I will try to be on more as I keep feeling better.

Miss everyone (((hugs)))
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