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Summerfest Art in the Park 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some of you might have seen my comments in friends feed about my working to create more jewelry for my Art in the Park show.
It was this past Sunday, July 27, 2014.
This is the seventh year I have been admitted.
There were a few years I didn't apply.
There were a few years I never thought I would be able health wise to participate in doing a show.
I was so obese, it was impossible for me to get around. Since I am single, there was no one to help me set up and tear down, load, unload, give me breaks.
Those were some bad, depressing years.
I really like to do these kind of shows.
Even though selling on line has got to be the way most people go these days. Almost every artists, craftier I know still likes to get out and have personal contact with the potential customers.

Outdoor shows take more preparation and supplies than indoor ones.

First and most important is the large fold up canopy. I've had this one about 10 years. It's the heavy duty steel kind. It has served me well and I'll keep it as a back up and for the coast, where it can with stand the windy conditions that sometimes hit the Oregon coast even in the Summer.
I'm going to buy a lighter aluminum double fold up canopy. Besides folding up vertical, it fold in half, compacting it to a four foot bundle instead of a six foot.
It will be easier for me to handle and load and unload.
On asphalt one can set it up by there selves. But on grass you need another person to be on the other side to open or close it up.
At this show my friend Jerry was next to me, he always helps me..

I have a van that I use for shows and hauling around some of my treasured thrift finds.

You need tables, covers. Displays. supplies, like packing paper, boxes. I use an outdoor carpet , encase a piece of jewelry falls on ground, i can see it and doesn't get lost in the grass. I have to have some kind or risers to make a second tier on table to show the jewelry.
That calls for some shelve boards to sit on racks.

I pack the van the day before the show.

On the morning of show I load the jewelry and a cooler with water and snacks. I don't eat vendor food.

Once I arrive, usually by 6:00am, they like to give vendors 2, 3 hours set up time. Plus it depends on location . I had number five location so early arrival, unload, then move van to parking area so others can get in and do the same.

At this show all vendors are set up on both sides of a winding walkway that goes through the middle of this lovely park. There are huge trees that provide shade.
There is a stage, music and many people picnicking . tables and fire pits provided.

This was only a one day show so took three light fold up tables. If it had been a three day show, like the one I'm doing in a few weeks at the coast, I'll take four heavy duty tables.

Tables set up, risers in place, covered tables and all with black cloths. With white ones on side. Sometimes in Spring I do an Easter show then i use pale blue cloths. But jewelry always looks good on black. After all it's the jewelry you are showcasing. No other distractions. But you still have to make your booth look attractive. Make sure all boxes and junk out of sight.

I set up in a horse shoe shape. Those pictures are right side, front and left side.

Here are some of the pieces that sold.

The last photo is my Boho necklace, i make 3 or 4 all different stones but same design. I sold all. So for sure will be making more.
I had one on with turquoise as as the dominate stone, a women wanted it and even though I had thought i would keep it as my own, I sold it. I can always make another.
There were bracelets and a few earrings sold too.
I always provide a $1.00 basket of assorted bracelets and necklaces. That basket was very popular. The young girls , boys, and women love to rummage thru and find something they just can't pass up.

It was a very hot day , i was sticky and really couldn't wait to pack up and get home. I have a pool, I knew i would jump in as soon as i could change clothes.

Finally 4:00 came i had started to put some things away a little earlier. i always do. all the jewelry got wrapped in to the trays, packed in the bags.
Cloths folded, displays wrapped and store till next show.
Jerry helped me fold up canopy and insisted in loading it into van for me. He's a real sweetie.
I got everything else loaded up and headed home.
Dallas is half hour drive from Salem.
I was tired, didn't get much sleep night before.
I stopped got a roto chicken and some salad.
Home at last.
Titan greeted me with kisses. He thinks any time I'm gone is forever.
I had carried the jewelry in with me. Left the van packed. Might stay that way till i go to the next show. I looked at the loading, it's good. So much trouble to unload only to load again. I have a secure place to park it. Just won't be doing any thrift buying, or at least any big pieces for a while.
I'll use my Porsche to run around town.

I was so tired, I didn't feel like changing into a swim suit to hit the pool. took a shower, got into some pj's and picked at my dinner. Can you believe a person can get too tired to eat? Well I was.
Tried to watch TV. I just wanted to sleep.
Set the Genie to record all the show that come on Sunday night and went to bed.

Woke up Monday morning stiff and achy. I took the day off, did nothing. Oh I finally did go to the pool. Messed around the house a little. looked at the jewelry supplies and covered them up, I'll be ready to work on more pieces later this week.
Today I have to go to the grocery store and bank, few other stops to make.
It's another hot day, getting into the 90's all week.
I'll get out, do what needs to be done and home in the A/C before the heat really hits.
I don't take Titan in the small car. His doggies seat doesn't really fit as good as the van.
Well Spark friends, this blog gives you the low down on a day at a craft, art show.
Have three more out door ones to do. Then it's inside for the Xmas shows.
Those are easier as they usually have tables to rent, no canopy needed, just your displays, and supplies, and the jewelry.

I will start to make more ,later this week. I need a few days break. I defiantly know what I need to work on.
Got a lot of positive feed back from customers.
Surprisingly even some men stopped to compliment me on the composition and design of some pieces.
one that got a lot of attention.
A couple looked at this and husband mentioned he really liked it, she did too. Later he came back and passed me a business card with a note saying he would contact me about getting it to surprise his wife.

Back has been acting up. Too much sitting and lifting. Even though during the day I walked around a lot and tried not to sit too long. Sitting compresses my spine and the injured disk making it hurt. Could hardly walk yesterday.
Once it even locked in place, caught me by surprise. Thanks for some muscle relaters and pain pills.

So I'm off for a walk. Be sure take my phone with me, encase i have to call for a ride.
Everyone enjoy the reminder of the Summer.
Stay focused but be flexible.
You want to enjoy life.
Peace and Love

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CANNIE50
    Often, when I see craft vendors I think "that looks like a lot of work" and now I know for sure - it is! Your jewelry is really lovely. I would happily buy from you. I am glad you took a day to give your body some much deserved rest. I always, always enjoy your blogs!
    2372 days ago
    Looks like you've got your system down pat...It's wonderful for you to have this 'hobby' that also makes some extra money. But then, it sounds like you'd do it just for the fun...even if you just broke even!

    Enjoy your rest days...sounds like a massage might be in order!
    2372 days ago
    love your jewellery -great style

    what a life --enjoy

    drink your water --just going to those shows I get so dehydrated ..

    2372 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Tisha, What beautiful Jewelery you make and I love every necklace you shared with us but like June also especially love the one the hubby wanted to surprise his wife with, has to be my ultimate favorite piece. Do you have a website where people can buy your jewelery, if so please give me your website's name. . .They would make very special unique gifts for my friends and family and of coarse myself. You sure have a lot of energy as it would be too much for me to be in those Art Shows. It goes to show you (me) how all those strength training exercises you do have given you the strength and stamina to be able to do these outdoor shows. You live such a good rich life and I'm so happy you do. You're always going to be an inspiration for me as honestly Tisha you got it all, talent, beauty, health, happiness, etc. I don't know if you now have a BF or now but if you don't you'll have one eventually. You're just too cute and so much fun to be around, I can tell that from your wonderful blogs and things you put in the friend feed. Keep smiling and enjoying life to the fullest. I'm so happy you're on a Team with me and I wish there were other good role models but you take the "cake" my friend. Continue to take very good care of Special You.

    Hugs & Love,

    2373 days ago
    You are a worker bee and the jewelry is so amazing...love the boho piece and the one the Gentleman wants to get his wife (loved that story)! As I have said before you
    Are one talented lady!
    Thank you for posting the pics!
    Love & Hugs,
    P.S. Dear Titan...what a joy to have him waiting for you...hope he got some chicken :-)
    2373 days ago
    emoticon YOUR JEWELRY IS BEAUTIFUL!! I did craft fairs for many years, my last major craft being wood burned items. My little grandson spent many Saturdays helping me set up, minding the table and folding up at night. It wasn't always too profitable, but always fun, always hard work, but worth it! Meeting the people was the best part, as you know. Wish you all the best. enjoy! emoticon
    2373 days ago
    You know how much I love your pieces, Tish .. thanks for sharing again. The Boho is my favorite too. I just purchased a necklace of Rhodocrosite. You are amazing and so full of life and energy. A very positive role model for us all! Loved the blog - if you have a website or sell on Esty or something, email me! Love, Jackie
    2374 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with Art Shows. And your jewelry is beautiful. Hope you made enough to cover your hard work!
    2374 days ago
    Beautiful work!
    Dr. Oz Show Fans Team Co-Leader
    2374 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14668970
    Tisha your jewelry is just awesome. Beautiful artistry for sure. You can tell just by looking at it how much work goes into each and every piece. Lots of hard work loading , displaying, and unloading for you. You do such a fantastic job with every aspect of the business. Those people are lucky to have you join them!!!!!
    2374 days ago
    Loved the jewelry and I liked learning how you set up your display and sell your pieces. Very informative and interesting!
    2374 days ago
    emoticon The jewelry is beautiful. You must be proud of your pieces and you must thoroughly enjoy the shows. My lands . . . so much work, but you get out and get to see/visit with so many different people. I love craft fairs, art shows. I just don't know if I have the energy for it. I'm thankful that people like you do.

    I'm so happy that you shared pictures of some of your pieces. I love seeing it. Thanks for sharing a big part of your life with us, as well as your wonderful enthusiasum for life.
    2374 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, What beautiful jewelry, you are so talented. I would not even know where to begin to pick the one I liked the best. I do like the one where the husband wants to buy it for his wife. It is so different and just beautiful. You must be exhausted after all of that. I relax after coming back from visiting Emma and taking things into her, stopping at restaurants and then the drive home. I am glad that you listened to your body, as I know with lifting heavier items you are going to feel it. I know that I do. I would leave the van packed so you don't have to unload and load again if your van is in a safe place. Tisha, thank you for sharing your day, I really enjoyed reading your blog! emoticon emoticon emoticon June
    2374 days ago
    gorgeous and fun, that's what jewelry should be, I really like your bolo necklaces also! Wonderful talent!! ;0)
    2374 days ago
    You are very talented, Tisha. Such lovely work. My husband and I have always commented that people who do these shows must be crazy...all the work of loading, unloading, standing around, etc. You obviously love it or you wouldn't do it. Congrats on being so active and listening to your body, AND for being able to do things you thought you'd never be able to do again. What an awesome example for us! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2374 days ago
  • TMW54812
    Your day would exhaust most people half your age! I'm a little tired from just reading about it! emoticon
    2374 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14900052
    Beautiful pieces! I just retired to the Jan Juan Islands and this Saturday is their annual art show in town. It's very popular and people from Seattle come to it. Can't wait as I love ART! Hope to see pieces as nice as yours. Love your piece with the big heart and the blue one as well.

    Really enjoyed this blog, thanks
    2374 days ago
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