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Yesterday's doctor appointment

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Well the day I have been working toward has come and went. I went to the doctor bright and early yesterday. I had peeked at my test results the night before and knew I did not reach the some of the goals I had set for myself but I did make big changes.
I am use to the noise of my house and the world, but sitting in the exam room was so silent it was deafening. Made me very uncomfortable. First they weigh you. Ok, so I have a mirena IUD and have not had a cycle in years and what happens right before the appointment, good ol' aunt flo decides to visit. So that pushed my weight up to 202 lbs. I so wanted to be below 200 lbs. but what could I do? Nothing so I accept it. She takes my vitals and they are extremely good! Waiting on the doctor in silence rattled me some. I had so much going through my mind. Would he notice? Would he be happy? Would he think I didn't do enough? Would I get the reaction that I wanted? Would I be able to lessen any meds, realistically I don't think so yet. What would he say? He comes in....He shakes my hand and asks me how I am. I watch him with my eyes and a straight face. He sits in his rolling stool and opens his computer while he says, "let's see here". He pushes back in his rolling stool with eyebrows high and head cocked to the side looking at his computer he glances at me. I smile. He says "let me just check something" As though he was reading it wrong. Maybe there is a mistake? He looks at me back and forth with his laptop and keeps saying "let me just check one more thing" over and over. I was getting the reaction I had hoped for!
He looks at me in shock puts his hand on his chin and asks me" so what are you doing?!" I simply say "a lot of HARD work!"
He kept checking the results of the tests over and over which I thought was funny. He brings up the fact my weight hasn't gone down since 2011. My A1C hadn't gone down since early 2013. My blood pressure hadn't gone down for years. And my liver function had not been normal for over 10 years. My BP yesterday was 112/82 last time (end of April it was at a low for me) at 144/86. He was shocked by this. He said it was just amazing. My fasting blood sugar went from 207 to 153 this month (it was at 119 before all the poking and sticking with the needles, they tried both arms several times before finally drawing blood from my hand). He was very happy with that. My A1c went from 8 to 7.1. I said I wanted it to be lower, I was trying for even lower. He was shocked I said that. He went on and on about how I should be so proud of myself because that is a huge thing to accomplish. I said I WAS proud of myself but I want better. He said he was happy to hear me say that. Everything was at a normal level now except my A1C. But he told me it was a GREAT way to start his day. He was down and seeing this progress really helped his day. He kept telling me to be proud of myself, that I earned not one but 2 gold stars. I giggled. He looked me in the eyes and told me HE was proud of me, very proud of me. That meant so much to me. No one has ever said that to me. Not my parents, no one. That meant so much. I put that one in my soul for later reference.
I am hard on myself. I am that way because I know what I am capable of. I told him my top two priorities were to lower my A1C and to make my blood pressure good. My weight going down was a beautiful perk. He said all these good habits ... if they start to fall away, and your diet isn't great and you have stress, or you can't drink enough, make sure that getting enough sleep and exercise are the last two to fall away. Because those two benefit you the most. They will help you think properly to keep your diet in tact, and they will help you with your stress. In essence you will stay balanced.
He challenged me to lose at least 12 more pounds and lower my A1c to 6.5 by November. The weight I am not worried about, it is the A1C. One thing about diabetes, it isn't like other illnesses. No matter what you do to control it, it has a mind of it's own. I had a doctor explain it to me one time like this... your pancreas essentially runs a race all day and night. It gets tired and has to take a break. As it does it continually it gets more and more tired and eventually loses its ability to function properly. And that is why the ability to control how it works is virtually impossible. We can help it so it doesn't have to run so hard, and not wear out so fast. And that is what we have to work toward. This is where the hydration, eating right, exercise, sleep and medications come into play. I try to keep that in mind.
All in all, I did not get my meds changed. Which I figured I wouldn't get taken off them or lessen them. But I didn't get any new meds and my meds didn't get increased. So that is fantastic! Everything is headed into a right direction and that is fantastic too! I made someone's day by taking care of myself and that is good too.
SO...I have my next appointment the day before Thanksgiving! He wants me to lose 12+lbs and lower my A1C to 6.5 and keep my blood pressure down. If it goes well...he said he would reward me by letting me see his beautiful bald head every 6 months instead of every 3-4 months. So, the new challenge begins! emoticon
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    I'm soooo happy Mamabear. I don't think I will be as successful as you have been by the time of my next appointment but heck, I'm gonna try. Follow the leader, her name is Mamabear, my personal hero!
    emoticon emoticon
    2445 days ago
    Hey, congratulations! I know you were sweating the appointment. Also, kudos for focusing on the positive and not letting the negatives get in the way of that(like aunt flo-that would have irked me to no end!) I'm really proud of you too! Keep up the good work!
    2449 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    Well Done!! emoticon

    2449 days ago
    That's the most amazing doctor's visit I've ever heard of!! Congratulations on all of your success and for your achievements to come! I hope I can do as well as you on my journey! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2449 days ago
    Awesome!!! I am soo PROUD of YOU!!! You have done a great job, just keep up the great work! I had a very similar visit with my Dr. a couple of months ago. All my cholesterol numbers came down and my good cholesterol went up! I am hoping that when I go see him next we can see about coming off the meds.

    2449 days ago
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