YAY I am 166.5 pounds this week!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I had a concussion on Dec 2012 as I fell backwards and hit my head, later i was finaly was told I had cervegogenic dizziness. It ben a long hard journey but the good news is that first for the past 4 weeks I am finally back to work, my physical rehab program has gone from just being about to do small neck stretches to last 3 weeks doing a Couch to 10 K training program and lifting up to 10 pounds.
All this time, especially since 14 months ago I took control of my eating, as I was unable to even sit up on the couch as it made me dizzy and nauseated. I hated not be able to exercise, so I just focused on learning about nutrition. The good news is that I am proud to say I have lost 39 pounds since I started my journey January 2011 and 20 since starting with spark people. :)
I am 166.5 pounds today.
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