Back Again

Sunday, August 24, 2014

So it's been several months since my last visit to SP and honestly, the reason I'm back is because I'm finally making some progress and I want to tell everyone!! But the people in my real life don't really care. I mean, they're proud of me and happy I'm feeling better, but even losing 100 pounds when you're at my size is just a fraction of what I'm going to do. And I've taken 4 years to lose this weight, so most people haven't even noticed.

But I notice. And tonight I compared a photograph of me at the beginning of the year and one of me tonight, and I could see a difference. That's big news! Huge, exciting news! So, I turned to SP and the people that have been here since I started this journey so long ago. And I'm sending this message out into the void in the hopes that someone else might be encouraged. That someone else might be motivated. Or that someone else might just find comfort in knowing that none of us are alone in our quest to be healthier.

So here's what is working for me:

#1) I found out I'm severely anemic. I knew I had a tendency to be anemic, but this was crazy bad. So bad that the specialist I had to see was shocked I was conscious. So I'm on meds and that's getting better. If anyone out there doesn't know what living with anemia is, I'll bottom line it for you. Anemia = low iron in your blood, specifically the red blood cells that carry oxygen around your body. The lower your iron, the less oxygen available for your body. In really simplistic terms, I was sufficating myself. Bad time.

#2) I'm diabetic and my blood sugar was out of control. Finally decided to take that seriously, so I changed what I eat. It took a couple months, but I'm happier now and I feel better. And I don't really miss anything. There are so many options out there people!! Do some research, try some new things. My new favorite are Think Thin bars. Read the labels carefully, but there are tasty, low GI treats to be enjoyed.

#3) I found exercises that I actually enjoy doing. Every time I've started exercising in the past, I've been told to walk. Walk, walk, walk. Don't get me wrong, walking is great exercise, especially for someone my size that can't do much else. But I found out that I really enjoy inclines. Treadmills are boring! And I don't like walking fast. However, 10 minutes on a 10.0 incline? Heck yeah! Gets my heart rate up and my muscles sore. I love it.

We all know how to lose weight. You have to burn more calories than you take in. The thing is, you have to find out what works for you and your life. Weight Watchers didn't work for me. NutriSystem didn't work for me. The cabbage soup diet didn't work for me. The juice fasts didn't work for me. Dozens of plans over the course of my life didn't work for me. What I'm doing now works for me now.

One last thing that might be surprising to someone. It's contrary to what I've found here on Spark.

Goal setting on a time line doesn't work for me. I have lots of goals, but when I impose a time limit that I usually don't meet, I get very discouraged and typically end up quitting on myself - again. Instead of seeing progress, I only saw failure. Now, I'm just going after my goals. It doesn't matter when I meet them, it just matters that I keep trying and I will meet them.

I'll destroy them.
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