Happy Sept 2014

Friday, September 05, 2014

Hey Spark Friends,I hope that so far Sept is going well for you--with many blessings..If you got off track this summer thats ok--Just set your mind on your weightloss journey and move On. Forget about any mistakes that you have made--Lets keep the Past in the past and learn to Forgive ourselves and others of course or you will fail..
The weather has been very humid lately here where i live and for the most part te weather is unpredictable all over--not looking forward to winter.
As far as my Weight Loss Surgery journey I am holding steady and I have lost close to 250 lbs and down to a size xl or an 18 misses--which is the thinnest i will be as i am truly big boned and tall and have a size 12 shoe..That is fine with me--I just do not want to gain back weight.. I struggle with low blood sugars sometimes--my diabetes i under complete control with no meds for it.. I was told by my orthopedic surgeon I need a left knee replacement--ewwww..not going there until i have to--I have had too many surgeries over the past 14 yrs.. I also need my right shoulder operated on--already had my left one done 5 yrs ago..I can not blame my bones as i had so much weight press on them most of my life--But the pain sucks as i know most of you know..I am 52 now and Arthritis is all over and painful.. Well I had a bone density test and i do not have Osteoporosis and had all y female exams and tests and all is good there..Thank God.. I need to be on top of writing a blog at least once a month--Sorry i am so Lax sometimes.. I worry about y friends on here who have health probs due to their Obesity..Prayers to you all and stay in touch..God Bless-Susie Smith from PA..:-)
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