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Dropping My Fatitude

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Today I read a great article on SparkPeople titled, "Drop the Fatitude and Get a Winning Attitude!"

Here's the link for it:

It had some great reminders for me and also showed me how far I've come on my journey mentally.

First it pointed out some characteristics of successful losers: emoticon

• Optimistic enough to put in an honest effort and see what happens. They don't fill their heads with self-defeating thoughts and negative prophecies that keep them from doing their best.
• Stay focused on what they can do instead of fretting about what they can’t do.
• Patient enough to take things one decision (and one day) at a time, instead of expecting instant results and losing motivation when those results don't come.
• See mistakes and problems as learning opportunities instead of being demoralized by them.

Then the author went on to describe patterns of "fatitudes" - attitudes that can sabotage our weight loss efforts. He listed the top 3 indications of fatitudes: emoticon

- Drama Queen/King - panicking whenever there is a "misstep"
- All or Nothing Thinking - All or Nothing game - I had a bite of a cookie which I didn't plan for - I might as well eat the whole box.
- Helpless Victim - giving control over your decisions to others

Wow! I've had all three of those fatitudes at one time or another in my life. Been there, done that. But not anymore.

I also know that those fatitudes don't like to be dropped and may try to slip back into my thought process. They had a comfortable home in my head for many years and may try to come back. But it's not their home anymore. I didn't just push them out, I replaced them with Fititudes.

I choose to focus on the positive.
I choose optimism and living in the now.
I choose to not wait for the perfect time to get fit and get in shape. The perfect time is now.
I choose to care for my body by giving it what it needs - rest, nutritious quality food, and activity most of the time
I choose to view "setbacks" for what they are, a single choice and move on
I choose to see perfection for what it is - a myth
I can make these choices regardless of what is happening around me.

And in case I forget, or feel like I'm slipping back into fatitudes, I've printed out the four characteristics of successful losers and put them up on my wall as a reminder. Because those are fititudes and that's what I have now and that's where I want my focus to be!

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