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A Tiny Yoyo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life is busy at the moment and the last two months have been pretty hectic and it's taken a toll on my journey - but not as much of a toll as it would have been in the past! Keep positive!

Last week I had an audition for a musical and while I did end up getting a part it's certainly not the role that I wanted! The director straight up told me it was because she couldn't envision the character as anything other than "petite". Now don't get me wrong, I could never be petite even if I was as thin as a rake and I know that she isn't the sort of person who would ever be sizest! Casting is a difficult thing because you do want vocal as well as visual variety and the other main parts have a similar size and shape to me so it would look weird. Regardless it's lit a fire beneath my butt! I may be a supporting character/ensemble role now but by god by the time the show comes I'm going to be kicking some serious ass in that choreography!

No more "you have the voice, but not the body" for this girl!

In the beginning I'd been able to stay around the 188 - 192 mark and it was fine but through lack of thought and going back to my old ways I ended up peaking at about 202 and then finally coming back down below 200 again.

This just emphasizes to me that I have to be actively aware of the changes that I have to make in my life if I want to:
A.) Be healthy and happy
B.) Get down to a manageable weight
C.) Have a sustainable and stable lifestyle

A lot of my old habits started coming back in:
A.) Eating out a lot
B.) If I was in a rush I'd just grab something that I craved rather than what I knew my body needed
C.) If I was good all day then I'd allow myself a binge at night
D.) I would eat when I was just thirsty

So it's back to basics and I love a good list!

Here are my main focuses for the moment:

1.) Do 3 hours of running or dancing per week
2.) Eat between 1400 and 1600 calories per day
3.) Drink the amount of water that I know I need
4.) Go to pilates every week

If I stick to that then I'll definitely see a change and I know it's sustainable!

I have a holiday in November and I would like to be able to run a 5k by then and also be between 180-185 which is more than attainable even if I have a few blips in my plan.

So yes, I'm back and I'm focused!

And don't forget ladies:

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