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Friday, September 19, 2014

It seem a long while since I started this journey in fact it is just over 2 years. Suddenly it hit me I was obese but only just. Having been a little overweight it was quite a shock to find out.

The question was what could I do about it! A few years ago I managed to loose weight but in some 6 months the weight had come back on with its brother. After that I did not bother and got to 89k (I am only 5ft 7 tall).

While getting over the shock I found SP and my journey started with a goal to get healthy in 7 months. Well jumping ahead I did it one week early. I did find out a lot in that time about myself, thing like it is hard work, fear is a friend and that I need the exercise. I also found that I like to exercise.

Fear kept me on track and this also kept me from putting on weight the who of the 7 months. I had never realised I was that strong (we all are once the mind is in gear). I never lost more than 2k and some weeks a lot less.

When I reach my goal weight in March 2013 I thought that if I stop I would go up and down above my goal weight so I decided to move the goalposts to give me room. SP gave me a goal of 70k but I dropped that to 67k. a little bit more than I was 40 years ago. I have kept to this over the last 18 months. I do go up and down by as much as a K but is well within my limits. This is all due to my friends on here (SP).

2011 8 months before I started my journey am the one on the right in

Me just before my goal weight (I need a new picture).

Yesterday I reached level 20 and still going strong

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