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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wow, its been about 3 months since I last wrote in this blog.

Not much has been going on, weight wise... I've pretty much stayed the same.. BUT I've finally bitten the bullet and made an appointment with a nutritionist/dietician. My insurance will not cover it if its to treat obesity...but WILL cover it 3 sessions in a calendar year... if its to treat another condition like high blood pressure or cholesterol. I am on medications for both of those conditions and have made no secret I want off of them.

** but it doesn't make sense they (insurance) won't cover it to treat obesity...since taking care of excess weight will GREATLY help those conditions. but whatever.

My appointment is for 10/7/14. Its just one more reason I started back with tracking... I want a few days worth to take to the nutritionist.

Before that I was having serious foot pain -- in the ball of my right foot, near the 4th and 5th toes. Now my doctor ordered an Xray to rule out stress fracture (which I later read Xrays don't always catch stress fractures... MRIs are better..but again, whatever.) When the Xray comes back clean she tells me to try new shoes and/or inserts. And if THAT doesn't help them I can get a referral to a podiatrist.
Well, to be honest my shoes WERE a bit long in the tooth... I had run two half marathons in them -- one in April, one in May... and again, to be honest, I have no idea how many miles those shoes had on them.

Anyway, while waiting on the results of the Xray I was told no running. ... and my reaction to that pronouncement was enough to convince me -- slow or not, I am a real runner.. My reaction to being told "No running" was "ACK! NOOOOOOOO!"

So during the enforced downtime I started with a cold. Now the thing with me is all colds tend to jump straight to bronchitis... which.. .yeah.. this one did. Another week or so of no running. Who can run when they're hacking up a lung? but it finally seems to be on its way out.

Monday (Sept 29) I finally got myself to the running store to get fitted for new shoes. I asked them to fit me from start to finish.. regular shoe size, new gait analysis,etc. See, the doctor was convinced that part of my problem was my shoes were a bit too small... I thought my regular shoe size was 8.5 and my running shoes were Brooks Ariel (wide width), size 9.

My foot measures just a shade over the 8...so that might be why some regular shoe places put me in an 8.5.... so the guy said that depending on the brand, 9 or 9.5 should be fine.

Next was the whole treadmill/video analysis. It turns out I have fairly rigid ankles (efficient runners tend to have some flex to their ankles as they run, supposedly.).. not me! lol And I thought I pronated badly -- at least the previous running store (a different one than I went to Monday) said I did.. hence the need for the Ariel's which are motion control shoes.

Well the analysis on Monday showed I have a medium arch and land fairly neutrally..... so motion control shoes definitely not needed.. The guy I talked to said they shouldn't hurt me, really..but I can't help thinking if some of my foot pain could have been from that... And I did go the extra $$ and get custom inserts because I figured they could only help with the foot pain.

Tried on a few pairs of shoes and ended up with Brooks Ghost 7. (I'd put a picture up, but my kids made off with my camera and I still haven't found it.)

Yesterday (September 30), I ran in the new shoes and inserts for the first time. Or, I guess to be most accurate, I should say "Run/walked"... the bronchitis is still hanging on, but I HAD to get out there.. I missed the feeling I felt after finishing a good run and plus.. I had new shoes!! I had to see how my feet (foot) felt while running. I did 2 miles in 28:44 (ave pace 14:12).. and that's WITH the bronchitis hanging on!! Its comparable to my pre-bronchitis pace... and that also with 1.5 - 2 weeks of no running. It gives me hope.

Upcoming race is the Marine Corps 10k. And I love the Marine Corps races... there is part of me that wants to type "It should have been the marathon!!" but I know I'm not ready for Marine corps...so transferring to the 10k was the smart thing to do. Not sure how much training I can get between now and October 26... I'll just do my best.. planning on a run/walk at any rate, so I know I can finish it....even if my time is not my best. I mean, my weight is +30 to +40 lbs compared to my best 10k time. (Ave pace up from 11/12 min miles to 14 or so)

Then in December (12/6), I'll be acting as "Running buddy" for my daughter Georgia... who just started "Girls on the Run" September 23rd of this year. Third grade was the soonest she could sign up, so we did. She has been really motivated and interested in running. Okay, okay, to be dead honest her main motivation is that she wants to earn a "big medal" like mine -- the 1/2 marathon medals. And I made a deal with her that if she likes training for the 5k, then we'll see about a 10k in 2015....and then when she's 10 (which won't be until March 2016) we can see/think about a half marathon. She likes the bling.... proving yes she IS soooooo my daughter!

**and again, I'll say that I've told her...repeatedly... that its also okay if she decides running (and/or racing) isn't her "thing". She doesn't have to like running because I do. That I will love her whether she runs or not. (There is a part of me that hopes she does end up loving it... because ...hey... training buddy!!!) but really if she doesn't, its okay. Actually, I suspect she's going to be TONS faster than poor ol'mom. heheh

But the 12/6 race is more about Georgia than me. I'll just be there to cheerleader.. heck, I worry that since I think she's going to be waaaay faster than me, that how good of a buddy can I be for her? Hmm..that might be something to email the lead coach of Girls on the run about....
For myself, I'm REALLY pinning my hopes on 2015 events... one is an unofficial one and the rest are races I'm not signed up for, but plan on signing up for.

January 22, 2015 - Tribute run: My father passed away on Jan 22, 2001 at 53 years young. 2015 will make 14 years he's been gone..and to date a half marathon is the furthest distance I've run. I want to run 14 miles this day in his honor. I'd like to do the miles outside, but if the weather doesn't cooperate I will do them on my treadmill. (The furthest I've gone on any treadmill is 11 miles with breaks, so it can be done, I'm sure.)

April ? half marathon -- Columbia irongirl?

? 10 k with my 9yr old daughter. Possibly the Marine Corps 10k, but we're not sure... might look for a more local race. If we don't do the Marine Corps 10k and do some other 10k, then I might add in the Marine Corps Historic Half. I love me some cute marines! (lol)

July/Aug? Strider's Women's Distance Festival 5k with my girl

?September? Ft. McHenry Tunnel Run 5k with the family (I've always done it with just my son but after we finished this year Thomas said he wanted to do it with the whole family.

(October 17, 2015) Baltimore Marathon

I think that's enough for now... I totally intend to be on spark more often...tracking and blogging.
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