The "gift", and the "price"

Monday, November 10, 2014

This last year I am sure that many of you thought I was abducted by aliens, or dropped off the planet, but this fatrockstar is still very much alive, and after about a year, finally "well." I was the "victim " of a cruel twist of fate, which means that I had 3 cancer surgeries within 6 weeks. Last August, I had my first mammogram, and ended up with bilateral breast cancer. Imagine my surprise when I learned that each tumor was about the size of my little pinky fingernail! Even the self-exams by myself and the office nurse could not feel a "mass." Unfortunately, it was ductal cancer which means that it was traveling on the breast duct "superhighway!" I have no doubt whatsoever that I would have died if it had not been for the mammogram and subsiquent biopsies. Now, breast cancer is not common in my family, but it is now! Six weeks later I had a hysterectomy for post-menopausal bleeding! This too was cancer. I got to learn first-hand that there are medical staff out there in the big world who are nothing short of "miracle workers!" I went from someone who didn't even take any medication to someone who takes a few pills. I learned everything that you didn't want to find out about chemo firsthand. I got to see what the "buzz" was about radiation! I feel incredibly lucky to be alive! I am happy to hear that for the present time I am "cancerfree!" I didn't merely survive, I prevailed. I hope to be able to take my "gift" of life and happiness, and try to pay it "forward" to others who are also in their "dark place" and try to make it alittle brighter! I am not going to give in and say I am "horrible" or "bad" at times, but rather say "I am OK" because my mind is not going to hear anything which is not positive or productive! Life is good, and so please, my spark friends, do not forget to ROCK!!!!!!
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