Life "Sucks", and then you "Live"

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Some days are very "low" on my "awesome" scale! If I am out of bed for about 10 minutes and have already dropped my cup of coffee into the kitty litter that I was about to change, I know that it will be a less than perfect day! Some days are actually diamonds, and some days aree the furthest thing from that! It's kind of funny, though, that the days when something strange or uncoordinated actually make the better stories to tell. So, I guess if life were all a series of squeaky clean, fantastic moments, you would have nothing to compare it to-I think that I would rather go through life with a few scrapes and laughs and semi-magic moments to make the good times even more special. I think too that the more we fail and fall and make a jerk out of ourselves that the more prepared we are to be tough when we have to! Instead of trying to get over the top of that mountain,just try to get over the next hill, and then the next, etc., etc., etc....... Keeo your goals realistic, and then you won't be so hard on yourself if you have a bad day! Just remember-behind every bad day usually follows a good day! As always, keep faith in the Rock Star that you are!
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