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Sunday recollections!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

-----early morning--looking over the lake----with a thin layer of ice over it!
Sundays, I always reflect----dunno why--maybe because I was born, sorta in the ice age----before there was television----Our 1st TV was a black and white Admiral TV---before that, our family had a console radio----As a kid, we'd sit in front of that radio and listen to "Teddy Bear's picnic" .
There were no fast food restaurants----We went out to eat quite often--could order whatever we wanted---family picnics beside a 2 lane highway were popular--
My Mom cooked everything--There were no "take outs"---
And we ran , like Hooligans around the neighbourhood--always felt safe---
I don't believe things were better then--just different---
Dessert then was an orange---or a homemade cake sometimes!
Fresh veggies were mostly from our garden--or a fruit stand beside the road----and they were plentiful---I don't remember treats between meals---
Sometimes on a very hot evening, Dad would buy us "Rolo ice cream things" which we would unwrap and put on a cone---or a bottle of orange crush--pop then was in bottles---
There was no bottled water---Water came from the tap-period!-
Life seemed uncomplicated---not better----just different----
Maybe there is more time to remember stuff --on Sunday!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • DALID414
    I love hearing about 'then'.
    1829 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Grateful that I have many good memories so my trips down Memory Lane are pleasant. Thanks for prompting a mini-nostalgia moment here.
    1830 days ago
    It's fun to look back. Things were certainly different, and much less materialistic. We didn't have a car until I was maybe 12, and I can remember walking down to visit my grandmother. After we got a car, day trips and picnics were a lot of fun, but staying away over-night was a rare treat indeed.

    We take so much for granted now, and have so many more "things", but I don't think we're as close as we used to be.
    1830 days ago
    I love my memories of "Time before TV" "Time before Fast Food" "Time before Things more important than People".
    I am sure about Then times vs Now times being different.
    I am NOT so sure about Now being as good as Then.
    Families had a lot more time to be families rather than just a group of people of varying ages, some of them even living under the same roof with no time for each other.
    1830 days ago
    Sweet memories! (not better, just different) emoticon
    1830 days ago
    1830 days ago
    Yep, I remember those days too. I remember how excited we were when we got our first TV. Black and white and only had 3 stations. But we thought it was wonderful. I don't remember going out to eat ever when I was a child. Mom cooked everything and it was from scratch. But the best food ever. I remember Christmas stockings filled with oranges, apples and mixed nuts in the shell and a handful of hard candy thrown in. It was bliss. Simpler days but harder in so many ways. Wonderful memories.
    1830 days ago
    We didn't have TV either until I was in grade school, but I have no memories of the radio programs everyone else has, including DH. The one thing I remember I would NOT want to go back to was mother's wringer washing machine and the 2 tubs of water to rinse the clothing in. And hanging everything out to dry in the winter. Yep! I'll keep my modern machines any day over that! emoticon
    1830 days ago
    All these memories work for me too -- absolutely!!

    No TV at all at my house until I was about 15, and that's probably why I've never ever really got into watching . . .
    1830 days ago
    LOL! Just read BFLOGRL's comment and I had just been having the song run through my head, too... my mother passed it on to the next generation!

    Simplifying life... a good thing! Have a blessed Sunday, Lynda!
    1830 days ago
    I enjoyed your reflections, and I haven't been reminded of "Teddy Bear's Picnic" in YEARS! (I immediately sang the theme song in my head.)
    emoticon emoticon
    1830 days ago
    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane... Life just seemed simpler then, didn't it? Your lake looks so peaceful. emoticon
    1830 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I was in the same time as you! I LOVE thinking back to those times too. I would not change them for anything! And, a HUGE YES to Winnie the Pooh's question! It amazes me when I can remember what I wanted to say on a reply to someone's blog, like this one emoticon

    We're right there together, Lynda! So let's ENJOY it! And.... emoticon

    1830 days ago
    OH, in many ways, life may have been "harder" in terms of not having the conveniences we have today. BUT I think it definitely was a simpler, less complicated, more grateful time.

    I remember sitting in front of the radio listening to Little Orphan Annie, Lights Out (OMG! We'd sit there like stupids with the lights out and get scared witless!), and just let our imaginations go wild.

    Enjoy your reminiscing and remembering. It's comforting!
    1830 days ago
    An excellent reflection of times gone by.
    1830 days ago
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