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Dr. Christmas Said "NO!"

Monday, December 08, 2014

I took my son to the doctor for his concussion. Evidently the answer is no.

1. No school
2. No reading
3. No using anything with a screen.
4. No music
5. No exercise
6. No riding in the car
7. No homework
8. No work of any kind
9. No lights
10. No anything that requires thinking or concentration
11. No sports
12. No activity

He is supposed to sit quietly in a dark room and be bored as much as possible. Try imposing THAT on a teenage boy and convince him he is not being punished.

The school is on the way home, so we stopped by there and turned in his paperwork. I made him go in and talk to the principal. Teenagers need a higher authority than Mom and Dad you know. He was assured that his band grade would not be docked for not performing in tonight's Christmas concert. They are going to change his school status temporarily to home-bound so that he will not have to do any homework or make up his finals until the doctor says he is fully recovered from his concussion. Then his principal told him that the only thing that really mattered was that he followed doctor's orders and got better as soon as possible, and that he would be praying for him. That took a huge weight off my Little Monkey, with a type "A" personality, who has been top of his class since day 1 of Kindergarten.

Several have expressed concern over the E.R. not treating our son. Guess in my upset, I forgot to mention that our doctor is also a personal friend. We have access to him 24 hours a day, even if we can't get into the office. He even goes to church with us, and is in our Sunday School class. So, while we had to wait for Monday for the official appointment and paper work, we still had a competent physician's advice. According to state law, students suspected of having a concussion can not return to school unless they have been cleared by their personal physician who knows them, or by a sports doctor who specializes in concussions. Whoever is on duty in the ER or Urgent Care may not have been specifically trained to deal concussions, and therefore could make a misdiagnosis that could endanger the child. While it may be nerve racking to have to wait, it really is in the best interest of the child. We were giving a list of warning signs to watch for, and if any of them occurred, we were to call our doctor and take him immediately to be admitted to the hospital.

It is going to be hard getting our son to go along with all his "healing rules", but there is hope that at the re-eval on Wed., he may be cleared to do at least a few things on the no-no list.

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