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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saw a cute cartoon this AM...showed kids round the tree waiting for Santa..and in their visions of him..he was riding a snail..heee hee So it must seem to lots of kids ! Family Circus I believe it was.

My past few days have been very occupied with the training of Luna....

She is my 10 week old Christmas surprise! My son called and told me a friend had a pup that

he couldn't keep due to training issue presenting some family tensions. Also that the pup had

to go or would end up being taken to the pound. WELL that did it...of course I will take her!

Some people just know how to get to your heart! emoticon

Yesterday morning ...Luna came into my life, complete with bed,,,toys,,food and some

attitude. Yep she has been allowed to get away with Wayyyyyyyyyyy too much !!!

So we are working on it..a bit at a time.. the stories I was told almost fit the picture..but

I see an undisciplined pup that has been allowed to not develop a social attitude..only

a ME attitude. That won't fly here in the land of many dogs...5 of 'em to be exact.

there's Chuee..the 10

pound ruler of this roost...or at least he thinks he is King of the Hill.

Then we have the mild mannered cuddler...Pooski...

To wrap up the group inside pups is Queen of the Day..Lil Miss Daisy...

So we take this divergent group of personalities and blend them into a family. Have a

Nice pattern...smooth most of the time and everyone pretty comfy with life..Now throw in

a lil time bomb called Luna! Tis not a smooth ride right now..she is a'makin waves!

Now why did I wander about like this...well because it made me think of how we all feel when

we first get to BLC. All the new personalities, the new ways of doing things , the posting and

the chatting and the challenges. We think we are ready..then reality hits!! Then there is that

moment of "did I do the right thing? Can I do this?"... emoticon

Honest ..just like this lil group I am trying to homogenize right now..in the same way..every

day step by step it gets more comfy...more feeling like home and definately more do-able!

If we remember always...Participation not Perfection. ..Just as I do not expect my lil pack of

pups to always roll along smoothly in the same way ...here with BLC there will be rough

spots..there will be roller coaster days, weeks...but there will be triumphs and shouts of

celebration as well. So as we head on down the trail to finish out the wonderous celebration

of this beautiful holiday..tuck in the back of your mind... I CAN...I WILL DO THIS...

Then learn what you need to do...and how to do it and when..then head for the goal line.

Luna is working on it and I know she is gonna be a fine pup some day..can we do any less?


ps: yep there is one more pup...Tyler...a Boarder Collie that prefers to stay outside and guard the place for all of us huddled here by the fire! He is the smart one I do believe!!

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