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Kind of a WTH rant...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

please read that as,,what the heck! Are you as tired as I am of the news deciding what is good for us and what isn't? From Mother's milk to what to do when you go to bed..mouth guards..pills to increase melitonin..etc...etc.

Then next thing you know they are saying ..OH NO that is not good for you a study in East Bombia Land has shown that 5 people couldn't sleep with that item and their quality of sleep decreased..so don't use it..oK!!

The latest that got my ire up was to not use your electronic reader??? At nite curled in bed..cozy and comfy and enjoying a good story before dozing off.. but it exposes your eyes to light thus cancelling your melitonin delivery system and you won't be able to sleep. Dern they shoulda told me that before I found it so very pleasureable to tuck in , read a bit..then doze right off!!

The exercises and watching your caloric intake that have worked for eons are now blasted as the "least' effective way to achieve a healthy weight and increased fitness. Instead you need to follow some out the door eating plan that a goat could not surive on and if you do it 3 days a week you won't need to ever exercise!! Now I am not saying that each of us should not find an eating plan that works for them, but in the long run. Don't we need to find an eating plan we can live with for life?? What better plan than portion control and increased activity?

Mmmm...ok..now I feel better. Guess it is time to get about my day and Oh yeah..I need to get the ham ready ...The big day is lurking just outside my window!!!

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  • 68ANNE
    1812 days ago
    Yes Katie, it seems never ending all the things we shouldn't be doing, I just follow everything in moderation, smaller portions, drink some water, and move your body, seems to be the regular pattern for most!

    Enjoy your Christmas my friend, mine has become way too busy, will be making some changes next yr!!

    Hugs Elaine
    1813 days ago
    Sometimes I think the experts are just flailing around like the rest of us and occasionally hit on something that makes sense at the moment. As my sister-in-law says, "Our parents' generation didn't even have cholesterol." It seems that each time they find a new way to test for something, it becomes the next health crisis, until something even newer comes along.

    Sure it's frustrating, but just think how many times they've been wrong before -- remember how bird flu was going to wipe us all out? -- and do what works for you.

    1813 days ago
  • CIPHER1971
    I am in the do what works for you brigade - read / listen to what others say - then keep the wheat and dump the chaff

    Have a great one
    1813 days ago
    Eat fresh, move often, that's been my mantra. But I too struggle recently with the idea of eliminating food groups, for example, should dairy and grains be in or out? I've tinkered with removing both and honestly, did not experience a feeling of renewed health either way.

    So, in addition to "eat fresh, move often", I'm adding, "just do something" If we are aware of our situation and actively working toward improving it, we should experience an overall net gain. Whew!

    Happy holidays and new year to you!!
    emoticon emoticon
    1814 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    You are a sane voice in an insane world! Thank you! Life is much simpler than "experts" like to make it!
    1814 days ago
    You're right! A person could get whiplash from all the conflicting evidence out there. It all needs to be taken with a large grain of salt, unless of course it's about how salt is highly detrimental, oh, no wait I just read a doctor who said that we all need to stop worrying over salt intake. emoticon

    Wishing you a peaceful holiday. emoticon
    1814 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/23/2014 3:17:33 PM
    Good post! It is good to be discerning about what works for us and what doesn't! I personally use my Kindle before going to bed at night most of the time, no issues with sleeping for me!

    I honestly pay no mind to the different studies talking about you need to exercise every day or never. I do the same with the food and nutrition guides because I know what works for me and most of the time the food and dairy industry are full of it. I'd still be sick as a dog if I didn't eliminate most dairy, pork and red meat!

    Enjoy your preparations over the next few days, Merry Christmas and Happy New BLC Year~

    emoticon emoticon
    1814 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/23/2014 2:40:23 PM
    I believe that life is largely about balance, and that health is probably the best indicator of its lack or presence in a person's life. So that nasty/wonderful cup of coffee is probably ok at the rate of one or two cups per day, might make you jump out of your skin at a higher dose and probably won't affect you if you skip it altogether.

    As for the e-readers, I have a Kindle that I wouldn't part with on penalty of death. And it's true that artificial light does affect sleep, but if it isn't interfering with your sleep patterns, I'd disregard the warnings. More important is whether or not you leave the tv on or there's a street light shining directly into your bedroom window, since this can affect you profoundly. For example, women with irregular cycles tend to regulate themselves when they are exposed to moonlight for a certain (lengthy) time PLUS it also regulates our sleep patterns, known as the Circadian Rhythm. That's the power of light over our bodies, and illustrates that we are optimally designed to respond favorably to the influences of our natural habitat.

    This in turn points not only to balance but to equilibrium - an ongoing state of balance in motion.

    Some of this I've gleaned in the process of living, but a lot of it I read - in bed, late at night on my Kindle. lol
    1814 days ago
    I agree! I love the "coffee is bad for you" but wait, a few months later "coffee is good for you"... same with eggs, butter, meat, etc. etc. etc. Long workouts vs short workouts at high speeds. Arggh.... it's always something :)

    Hope you enjoy your Christmas!
    1814 days ago
    I am laughing because all you say is so true! But, I will say that the item about exposing your eyes to light has been around for a long time, well as long as there have been TVs in bedrooms! Is it wrong for everyone? Well, obviously not! Read with your device, rest and stick your tongue out at the naysayers! I have a ham to prepare as well! Happy dreams! How is that darling puppy? Merry christmas!
    1814 days ago
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