New Year's Resolutions - Beginning With Me

Friday, January 02, 2015

I haven't blogged on Spark People in 6 months and those 6 months have been a blur due to how busy life has become for me.

I have been dealing with some medical issues that came to light on what I was dealing with when my daughter complained of some of the same exact issue/pain that I deal with. After going through many blood tests and going to several doctors, we finally had a diagnosis from a rheumatologist that in one visit answered what is going on with not only my daughter, but myself, and my son.

We found out that she has something that is NOT life threatening (thank goodness), but answered why all three of us deal with strange things happening to our bodies. I won't go into detail but our particular version of this disorder is not life-threatening but does cause pain and other issues that are inherited.

I spoke with my father recently and he confirmed that he had the same exact issues over the years that my son is experiencing now. My daughter, sister, and I have more complaints and after doing research, I came to find that females usually have more issues due to our hormones, so that makes sense why in my family the females are dealing with more than the males.

The rheumatologist also suffers from this and so now we are looking into physical therapy and other measures to help my daughter although there is no cure and to be honest, we are always back at square one every day no matter what methods we use due to the abnormal condition of our ligaments and joints.

Now I have an answer for all the crazy things that have occurred in my body all these years but that the doctors could never give me an answer for on what the issue was.

Life has been super busy, as usual, this past year and I want to resolve to make life at least less stressful this year. With two children who are teens and whom I homeschool, it is not going to get less busy anytime soon. With all the responsibilities that I have as well (too numerous to mention), it won't be easier or slower, but I have to do something since my health is not always allowing me to function the way I want to.

I want to focus even more on eating healthy although honestly, both my daughter and I eat very healthy. I want to cook more from scratch than I did last year, which always a struggle due to lack of time and being away from home so much.

The weekends are spent catching up on some of the challenging subjects the kids are doing such as biology, etc. and so I'm always playing catch-up on laundry, etc.

I'm in the process of decluttering the house, which was ignored for so long due to lack of time and energy (took me a year to recover from my surgery last year and then I was sick for months before surgery). Things are looking up and I'm happy with the progress although I have to take it easy since I'm exhausted from even a regular routine of normal activity each day.
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    Hey Emptynester, it's so great to hear from you as well! Thanks so much for posting on my blog. emoticon That's so sweet that you think of me like that. All the Harris Teeters have left our area except for around Charlotte, so I don't go to that particular store anymore. My shopping habits have changed somewhat, but I still use coupons at BI-LO (that still doubles, thankfully) and also at Wal-Mart (which doesn't double obviously, LOL).

    I buy a lot of our produce and other items such as Greek yogurt, etc. at Aldi's and Sam's Club (which neither take coupons). I also discovered a very cool mom and pop grocery store literally down the road from me that has scratch and dent items (although not all items are that way) and I have found a lot of great organic and expensive items there for dirt cheap.

    Big Lots has started sending me really cool coupons and since they have a selection of organic and healthy products (like Bob's Red Mill products) I have been going there too.

    I hope you're doing well and that 2015 is treating you well so far. It's so great to hear from you and I think about you as well.
    2297 days ago
    It is good to see you post again - I've missed hearing how you & your family are doing. Sorry to hear there are still health issues but glad you have some answers & a diagnosis. We have a Harris Teeter about a mile from my house & I think about you when I shop there. I don't do coupons since it's just me but when I see their Super Double or Double Double sales I remember how much you loved them before Publix moved in. We are also getting a Publix, but it's not taking over any of our Harris Teeters. I hope 2015 is a good year for you. Being busy is good but be sure to take time for yourself so you can continue being the great mom & wife that you are. Be sure to blog once in a while so we can know how you are doing! emoticon
    2298 days ago
    Hey Suze, it's so good to hear from you. You have a great memory, LOL! My sister and I are somewhat communicating now, I suppose this new disorder I found out about helped that somewhat since she has similar things that I do.

    I do coupon still but I'm not buying as much as I used to and have been donating things to others or to thrift stores or crisis centers in our area.

    We've been very busy with school, volunteering, me and a friend running a homeschool group, 4-H, social activities, etc.

    I made the mistake of going out in the cold rain today (started having lots of pain) but had to get some groceries since we were running low on fruit and other regular things that I buy and I also wanted to donate a box of stuff I had put together when decluttering.

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you and your family are doing well. emoticon
    2298 days ago
    emoticon Okay, you finally have an answer to questions and it seems like your family communications are becoming more open. This is all good. I know its hard re-trying new methods to deal with health issues but I also know you are a TERRIFIC mom and a GREAT Role Model. You all will find ways to help deal with the health condition I just know it.

    De-cluttering a small home is always a challenge especially with teens. I am constantly going through items in my home re-organizing, donating, and then I get into projects and it builds up. Do you still do yard sales, couponing, etc... on top of the homeschooling?

    Remember small steps forward. Celebrate the good days and make sure you and the kids talk and suppport each other on the rougher days.
    2298 days ago
    My decluttering has taken a very long time to take care of due to my health being so challenging and of course being so busy. It's a process but at least we have it started.
    2299 days ago
    Sorry to hear that there is no cure for your condition. But at least you know what it is and have a resource on how to manage it.

    I'm in the process of de-cluttering as well. It's quite a process.
    2299 days ago
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    Thanks for sharing

    2300 days ago
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