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Day 561: This 'n' That

Friday, January 09, 2015

You remember I told you yesterday was shaping up to be another of those running-around days? Much like the Red Queen in "Through the Looking Glass," we need to run full-tilt just to stay where we are. If we slow down, we lose ground...

The washer: it's a strange (to me) hybrid machine. It's a combination washer/dryer. In theory, I load the clothes, add detergent, set the type of wash (quick, heavy-duty, whatever), then set the drying cycle (gentle, auto, whatever) and in a couple of hours - voila! Clean, dry laundry ready to fold or press. (We'll pretend I know how to use the iron in the event of an emergency.)

In reality it's living down to my expectations.

Now, my philosophy on mechanics is fairly simple. I don't understand machinery and I don't want to have to study physics to operate appliances. A machine has its dedicated task, and it should do it right, do it well, and do it with minimal input from me.

When I first heard of a machine that combined washing AND drying, I was skeptical. Then someone pointed out dishwashers operate on that principle - that is, if I choose to have a dishwasher run its drying cycle after the wash cycle, the dishes are (usually) (more or less) dry. So why wouldn't that work in a washing machine for laundry?


I've used this thing four times now. For the first time since my very early newlywed days I'm researching local laundromats. Each load - and keep in mind, during this trial phase I've been deliberately keeping the loads small and light, like underwear and socks and washcloths - has taken a minimum of five hours. FIVE HOURS. And even then the clothes aren't dry. Oh, sure, they're not sopping wet, but far more than damp. Being in an apartment, I have no clothesline; I have folding drying racks. Place looked as though I was taking in laundry for pin money.

Hence cometh ye young repairman.

He ran the diagnostics, pronounced the machine fine, then replaced a circuit panel anyway on the off-chance that's where a timer problem could be. I'm eyeing the machine warily. It gets a chance to wash a few shirts later today. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I feel as though I'm supporting the local electric company single-handedly.

* * *

Today is the annual eye-exam. I've grown to heartily dislike these things.

Back in the old days it was no big deal. Often, going to the ophthalmologist meant a couple of hours off school, or the fun of getting a new pair of glasses. Not so much anymore.

Evil terms like "retinopathy" and "macular degeneration" hang over these visits like dark clouds. Doesn't take much to stoke my anxiety. Add to that the "discomfort" (their word; "burning" or "searing" would be mine) of the series of eye drops and it renders the whole thing a most unpleasant experience.

I have a feeling today will bring some not-so-good news, as I'm having what I call bad eye days - some days my eyes just do not want to focus. A change in the prescriptive lenses may help. I hope.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful for computers: I have Windows 8.1, and it's wonderful to be able to enlarge on screen with a simple touch.

* * *

A sign of the times to keep me going:

It's Friday. 'ave a good 'un, Sparklers - carpe diem!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My today didn't go so well (no fault of mine) so, no ice cream (and it's way too cold anyway...lol). Hope all goes well at the eye doctor and you get a good report. As for the washer/dryer, like the others have said, 5 hours is outrageous for clothes that aren't ready to wear! Something is wrong with that picture. And, I used to think an hour in the dryer was a lot for my old dryer. Now that I have new stackable full-sized,front-loading units, laundry comes out of the washer needing very little dryer time. emoticon
    2208 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Send that machine back!!!!!!!!
    Get a stackable washer and dryer. THey do smaller loads but work great.

    I have had cataracts for a few years, now I have been diagnosed with glaucoma too.. not happy, but never had burning eyes from any drops.. I am just thankful i have insurance to pay for the visits. I have to go back to the eye doc next week, three trips in two months..
    2208 days ago
    I researched the combi units before I bought my latest and didn't buy one because the reviews all said what you've found - it takes forever to get the clothes dry. I'm sorry for that! No fun navigating an apartment full of drying racks.

    Good luck with the eye appointment. I'll be praying for you!

    2208 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    2208 days ago
    I commend you on the combo machine, I for one would not trust sucha thing !!! I missed yesterday's blog (which I will go back and read) so forgive me if the answer is there, why would you not consider a stackable set instead? or maybe the combo came with the apartment? Either way my dear I hope it works out for you somehow, 5 hours of unfinished laundry is ridiculous I agree !!!

    My friend in Belize has to use those same drops for his eye conditions as well, but we do what we must do right? Take care of those peepers hon.

    Have a Friday full of smiles !!!
    2208 days ago
    I'll be praying about those eyes, and hoping the machine repair works! A couple of coworkers have had eye problems in the past year, so I kind of have heard a thing or two. So, like I said, praying. emoticon
    2209 days ago
    As much as I like ice cream, it is too darn cold to go out for it! And I agree about those eye drops, they hurt like heck!
    2209 days ago
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