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Wednesday, 11/14/15

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

And that just about sums up my afternoon. LOL Let me go back and start at the beginning though....

I was up coughing most of the night so woke up exhausted when the alarm went off for me to head to the gym for my training session. I had already been fighting with being winded too easily and I could tell that was worse and my chest and throat were aching from the nights fun. I texted the trainer with a cancel for today and crawled back into bed and did sleep for an hour.

Managed to get a little bit of school done with Isaac before we headed to the Chiropractor for my 10 a.m. appointment. I saw him for my breathing and sure enough the upper bronchials were inflamed so he did some work to help with all of that and found another source in my shoulders and neck that were causing it. Feeling better and can actually breathe deeply again, but I can tell I need rest. Isaac went with me as he needed retested for the magnets (puts several in different spots to clear out toxins) and he does need to use them for 3 more days in four areas. He has been able to say his head hurts when they are on his head and that's what should be felt as things clear.

We were home for 30 minutes before it was back into the van heading to Isaac's counseling session. Today was an evaluation day so Tim joined us there and it was good. Worked on Isaac's issue of not being comfortable when people are talking about him. Thankfully the counselor saw the resistance first hand today and how he fights with us over a differing meaning of a word or a differing perception of what happened.

So another 30 minutes home for lunch before I headed to meet dad at the surgeon's office. Looks like we have one more visit next month and those should be over. Today dad was released from the boot and given a "sleeve" cast that goes inside his tennis shoe so he can start using that unless the ankle/leg gets tired or if he is going somewhere long distance. The surgeon thought he should keep it protected in some way. This appointment is where the poster above comes into play. My dad has always been a worrier, but today he was over the top and the anger/frustration level was there and I had to listen to the same things over and over and over again. Naturally as soon as he is near the professionals who ask him "How is the pain level?" he gives them a very sweet, calm answer that doesn't reflect the horrible pain he is constantly talking about with us. That was the longest two hours of the day! And yes, I saw that poster in action. Thankfully I held my tongue and got through it, but I was exhausted as I drove home.

I was actually racing to get home too because I needed to get Maegann and then drive back across town to take her to bible study. I finally got home about 4:15. I begged Tim to work late and go pick her up so I could just stay home and work on supper. He did.

I was able to go through a couple of containers in the family room and now have piles for give away, throw away and keep. The keep stayed in the fabric container easily so it is on the shelf. After supper I organized a couple things...well...more like rearranged as I didn't like it the way I'd left it yesterday and tonight it feels better. Still work to be done, but tomorrow afternoon I will be home.

Tomorrow... Dad's back specialist appointment at 10:30. Praying what the doc sees will just require the immediate cortizone shots in the back and won't need another appointment for a deeper injection. Isaac has therapy here at the house from 9-11 so I am thinking I can leave about 10:15 and they can spend that 45 minutes alone. Eventually she will have him alone out in the community so I have to begin trusting that time alone.
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