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A Personal Account Of Always Remembering Those Who Serve

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

When I was in High School (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), one of my early jobs was as a Car-Hop at a local Drive-In Restaurant. It was a very warm and humid day in late August. It was very busy but when I approached a small sports car I did notice that the driver was very agitated. I took his order and then noticed that his dog had crawled under the front seat and appeared to be stuck!!! The driver had tried everything to free him and was becoming frantic. It looked like his next step was to try to remove the seat completely, which would have been a major job. I went into the restaurant and filled a pie pan with water. Then I opened the passenger door of the car, and got down on my knees talking to the dog the entire time. I should say here that our family has had dogs our entire lives, so I was very used to the different behaviors of the dogs and what it took to calm them. The dog was very agitated and whining. When I began to talk to him, I looked him right in the eyes and talked very slowly and softly for a few minutes. I also pet his nose and between his eyes very slowly. Then I slid the pie pan with water toward him so that he could reach it with his tongue. He lapped up quite a bit of water. It was so hot and he was so thirsty!!! After drinking the water, he seemed to calm down and his body settled enough for his owner to pull him out from the back seat. I then brought the food order out and also more water for the dog. As I mentioned earlier, it was very busy, so I had to get back to my other customers. When I picked up their tray later, the man said that there was something for me under the mat on the tray and thanked me profusely for helping him. When I went to clean the tray off, I lifted the mat to wash it, and there was a $100 tip!!! I NEVER forgot it!!!!! I would have helped him for nothing, but as a girl saving every penny I made for college, I really appreciated being appreciated!!!
I worked as a waitress in college too and because of this, I find that I am VERY conscious of how I treat and how I tip those who serve me.
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