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I have so many questions..please HELP!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

So since I weigh 300 pounds, and I have set my goal at losing 60 pounds by next January; I' am given a calorie range of 1840- 2190. I average it to about 2000 (which is a 600 calorie deficient according to my BMR) calories a day. I make my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as healthy as possible, and follow the serving sizes. I have also added a lot of healthier options to my diet; whole grains, lean protein, fruits, veggies, sugar free jello, fiber one bars, ect, ect. But I also have a few things that are not really nutritious, but are not too bad in calories; snack cakes, a serving of dark chocolate, skinny cow ice cream bars, and a 12 oz pop here and there. I am finding a pattern over the last month that almost half of my daily calories are coming from snacks. I feel very satisfied with eating the way I am, compared to how I used to. I use to feel like crap all the time because of how badly I ate, and how much junk I consumed. I have lost 4 pounds already in 12 days from eating this way, but I am scared that maybe I am still eating too much, even though I always stay within my spark calorie range. People who have lost at least 100 pounds, how did you start out on your journey? Did you eliminate all unhealthy food or did you just learn to eat in moderation? Did you snack a lot as I do? I started on SP January 8th and I have just been trying to learn how to make better choices for myself and how to stick with these choices. I know obviously that if I cut out all junk, and eat only healthy, whole foods that I will lose weight more quickly. I am not ready for that big of a change yet, though I know that I will be eventually :) I am focused on making smaller changes that I can stick with and change permanently. So what I am asking is how were you successful in the beginning of your journey? People whose starting weight is close to mine, I want to know what your typical diet looked like when you first started becoming successful!
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    If you like snacking, then I think you should do it. You might try to add some nuts with your snacks, because the protein will balance out the carbs and make it healthier. Also, you might like to try protein bars and/or protein cookies as a snack. If you're breastfeeding, you might want to talk with a nutritionist or dietician to help you add more healthy snacks. Humus is a spread made of chickpeas that you can put on vegetables or in a pita sandwich or on toast. Try new things, make it fun! I personally haven't needed to lose as much as you, but I know you can get really hungry if you don't eat regularly. Snacks are great because they are filling and help you get to the next meal without feeling deprived.
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    I first started at 287. You sound like you're off to a great start! I would suggest following KG4PVOWIFE's advice by hitting a high protein number. You will stay FULL, and this won't be as difficult. Permit yourself to keep that number of calories, then do some adjusting once your weight stops moving. Eating well is great, but do not forget water (half of your body weight in fluid ounces) and sleep. Green tea is also great, there's a kind called Blueberry Slim Life that I find highly refreshing. Other things that enabled me to be successful were logging EVERY DAY, I'm a binge eater and wouldn't on the days that I went over because I felt ashamed. But SHAME stands for Should Have Already Mastered Everything. ;) Also, golden rule of weight loss. If it comes off fast, it goes back on fast. This is all about finding a way you can bear to keep eating for the rest of your life. Slow is good. Slow is great. You are so capable!!! Message me anytime, and add me if you want!
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    I have a ways to go, but I found what is helping me is taking the mid-range of my calories subtract about 300 calories for snacks and divide the rest 3 ways for my meals.
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    I started at 350, and am now 140. I started with Atkins and lost 210lbs doing low carb. I eat low carb as a way of life now. Small changes never worked for me, I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. Whatever works for your body is what you should do! :)
    1988 days ago
    So, I have been at your weight and weight's been a constant problem my whole life.

    The most important thing to staying within your calorie suggestion is tracking in my opinion. Keep track of everything you eat. One thing that started my weight drop is that I gave up diet coke. I don't crave chocolate and sweets like I did when I was drinking diet coke. I didn't give it up with a strong motivation... I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease and I knew diet coke wasn't good for me and that was all I drank. So water is my drink of choice today. That's helped my lose 16 pounds since October. I've lost 7 since I came back to SP and started tracking.

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    I think the key in losing is sticking to the lower range when possible. HOWEVER, if you are really hungry I think it is wiser to eat a healthy snack opposed to feeling deprived and frustrated. Good Luck!
    1988 days ago
    Many years ago I lost significant weight ( around menopause I loaded it back on again, so here I am). Like you, I would prefer to snack. My problem seemed to be making sure that I accounted for everything. I also ended up anemic because I don't really like meat or dark green things.

    I think the most important thing for me was re-evaluating how I thought about food. The diet industry would have us believe that it's all about calories in and calories out. If the calories in are more than the calories out, you'll get fat...and we have a potion, pill of operation for that!! It's also big on ignoring food groups.

    Food is about so much more than just calories. We understand so much more now about vitamins, minerals, fiber, good fats and bad fats, chemical additives, food dyes,GMO...the list goes on.

    Learn all that you can about nutrition. Understand that 1500 calories worth of fiber ones and diet fudgsicles (my personal favorite) is not the same ( or as filling) as 1500 calories worth of fresh vegetables, fish and fruit. You need to NOURISH your body, especially as a young mum, not just feed it.

    My typical diet still has room for Fiber Ones, but I have a bowl of clementines close to me, a stash of water bottles at my feet, a fridge full of veg and healthy simple foods like milk and eggs and apples. Honestly, I would prefer to live on chips and candy. They are far more fun. Realistically though, I do what I need to do because I need to do it. There is no getting around reality. So I savor my orange and appreciate it's natural sweetness mindfully.

    Yes, you can pop a vitamin pill and most of us can probably benefit from them but nothing can replace how your body absorbs vitamins and minerals from fresh food.

    One other thing that I did was started watching movies about the food industry and learning more about the food system.
    As a Canadian transplanted temporarily in Texas, the US food industry is truly mind-boggling.
    The more you know, the better you can decide what is right for you.

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    1989 days ago
    I have nearly as much to lose as you. I have lost 9 this month and am on track to lose another 3 by end of month. About 1/3 of my calories come from snacks. I usually stick to the low end of my calorie range though. 1800 unless I have a really intense workout, in which case I will increase to 2000. I just make sure my protein is within range and I don't overdo it with carbs...which is easy to do when snacking. Good luck!
    1989 days ago
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